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        1. GiggidyGoo

          I’d give them that in relation to NI to be fair. Them and the likes of everyone involved in the GFA.
          If it does turn out he’s labeled the Greatest Fornicator, then that can be added to his title.

    1. eoin

      “A redacted portion of an FBI report detailing an interview with Virginia Giuffre, who claimed that she was “lent out to Prince Andrew”, is also among the documents.”

      reports the London Times today.

      The Telegraph above also provides reporting sympathetic of the women and not at all sympathetic of Prince Andrew who has strenuously denied sexual contact with a young (17) female associate of Epstein.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Interestingly/depressingly.. the vast majority of the girls were local trailer park/poor blue collar and have never complained as they would be sure they would never be believed. Which is pretty much the case. Only when the rapist went more ‘upmarket’ did he run into trouble.
      As this case unfolds, look for the flights to the Bahamas. Clinton took at least 20+. Always with girls, always very short trips. The rapists lawyers are going to say these are outside US jurisdiction and not admissible. And they’ll get away with it. The circle will close. The rapist will go to a country club prison (for his own safety) and no one else will.

      1. Lilly

        What, do you think Clinton had him bumped off in prison? The news reports are saying it was suicide.

        1. Pat

          Or Trump. Or (insert celebrity name here). Lots of rich and powerful srotes had a lot to lose if Epstein ever spilled the secret beans

          Strong bang of murder off this

          1. Johnny Green

            He was under the protection/ custody of Trumps Justice Dept-not Clinton’s !
            ‘People close to Epstein refused to rule out foul play, according to one person familiar with their discussions early Saturday, and asserted that Epstein seemed in good spirits in recent days. His attorneys are seeking to learn from authorities how Epstein’s body was found, and how such an incident could have occurred, this person said.

Attorney General William P. Barr, upon being informed of Epstein’s death while in federal custody, was “livid” and determined to figure out exactly what happened, said a person familiar with his reaction.‘

  1. eoin

    Horrible sexual harassment of female worker in a “retail” chain. She was awarded €40,000 but it’s outrageous that this could happen in 2017/8.

    “The Complainant in evidence stated that she went on maternity leave on the 7th of May 2017 and returned to work on the 20th of November 2017. Following her return to work she said that she was subjected to sexual comments from an Assistant Manager on a regular basis.

    The Complainant in evidence went on to outline the incidents of sexual harassment she said that she was subjected to over the course of the last 6 months of her employment. She said that the Assistant Manager (AM1) called her sexually offensive names, made offensive comments about her Asian partner, called her a thick b****, made sexually explicit gestures towards her, made offensive comments about her breasts, asked her to engage in lewd acts and suggested she provide sexual favours for him in return for keeping her job. He frequently threatened to kick her up the a*** when she was standing on a stool packing higher shelves and did so on 4 occasions when she was packing lower shelves while making sexually explicit comments to her. He also hit her on the head with a box. He stopped calling her by her name and called her “big tits” and later on “thunder tits”. She said that AM1 sexually harassed her every day she worked with him from November 2017 until she made a written complaint to HR on the 29th April 2018.

    The Complainant said that she asked him to stop a few times and he just told her to f*** off. She said that the Manager and the other Assistant Manager and Deputy Managers heard him and frequently laughed along with him. The Complainant said that she took precautions to avoid AMC1 hitting her like pulling the trolley behind he and wearing baggy clothes, but this elicited more sexually offensive comments from him. She said that she complained to the other Assistant Manager, but nothing was done about it. She said that on one occasion in the warehouse the shop Manager was present and heard AM1 make a particularly offensive comments of a sexual nature about her and her Asian partner, but he did nothing about it. She said that as all the Managers knew about it she expected that he would have been stopped from sexually harassing her.

    The Complainant said that she decided she could put up with the treatment no longer after AM1 made a particularly sexually explicit comment to her after saying he wanted to kick her up the a***. After this she decided she had to make a formal complaint as nobody was doing anything to stop AM1. She spoke to a Deputy Manager and asked him how to make a complaint and he brought her to the office and explained the procedure to make a formal complaint She wrote out her complaint and submitted it to HR on the 29th April 2018.”


          1. eoin

            I hope they treat you and Millicent and your guests as royalty, J [as well they might given the colourful and positive coverage of the event on BS which is now the #252 most popular website in Ireland. Poor auld Joe.ie, #317]


          1. eoin

            The ruling above refers to a “retail” business. It doesn’t explicitly refer to a chain, but the facts of the case strongly suggest it is a chain. So, by putting inverted commas around “retail”, you’re indicating the word is taken verbatim from the ruling, but you don’t put inverted commas around chain because it’s not. If that makes sense to you. TBH, the distinction probably overshoots a small few. Mind you, so also does the outrageous conduct of fellow workers to this poor woman who has just returned from maternity leave.

  2. eoin

    Finally, ex-INM executive Karl Brophy along with ex-INM CEO Gavin O’Reilly sue INM over hacking. They’ve both spent enough time futtering about getting permission to use documents in litigation, finally, they’ve sued.

    It’s alleged that an off-shore company, Blaydon Limited, which is connected to Denis O’Brien paid an invoice for €25,000 for snooping on emails and other electronic records of at least 19 named individuals in INM’s IT systems.

    There’s a recent court ruling on the matter which is very illuminating.


    “9. The costs of this data interrogation exercise were not discharged by the Respondent. The bills for it were presented to an entity controlled by Mr. O’Brien and paid for by an Isle of Man company called Blaydon Ltd. Mr. O’Brien is the beneficial owner of that company. Blaydon Ltd. appears to act as a paying agent for Mr. O’Brien and his companies.

    10. It is difficult to see what the interrogation of information concerning at least some of the 19 persons had to do with a cost reduction exercise in respect of legal services being provided to the Respondent. For example, two Senior Counsel were amongst those whose data was interrogated. They acted for several years as counsel to the “Inquiry into Payments to Politicians and related matters” presided over by Mr. Justice Moriarty. That tribunal was involved in investigations into allegations relating to the awarding of the second GSM licence to ESAT which is an entity controlled by Mr. O’Brien. In a letter of 30th April, 2018 to Mr. Buckley the Respondent’s solicitors described the names of those searched against as persons who may be regarded as having acted adversely to Mr. O’Brien. The rights and entitlements of some or all of the 19 people may have been transgressed in a most serious way by this activity. So also may have been the rights and entitlements of Mr. Gavin O’Reilly.”

    1. eoin

      The Irish Times reports today

      ” Speaking this week, Mr O’Reilly said that when he learned recently which of his emails had been compromised by the hacking, he felt “sick and disgusted”.

      Legally privileged emails

      According to Mr O’Reilly, the hacked material included between 300 and 400 legally privileged emails between him and his lawyer, Simon McAleese. The emails relate to Mr O’Reilly’s separation in 2004, and subsequent divorce two years later, from his then wife, Alison Doody. Among other things, the emails detail their personal affairs, the well-being of their children and the family finances.”


      Quick someone, sign that €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan with a consortium which includes Denis O’Brien’s Actavo/Siteserv [who was switched into the consortium at the last minute in a multi-year procurement after the disgraced decision-making ex-minister had a secret dinner with the US head of the private equity business which leads the consortium]. I’m sure Denis won’t be interested in hacking your records or web surfing….

      1. some old unicorn

        Surely if those emails were sent using a company email address then they are the property of the company? I know that in the case of an FOI or a GDPR request, all emails within a company are searched so in the case of a hack- who is really liable if personal emails are included?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Your employer can monitor pretty much anything you access on the company’s computer system, even your personal email account.

          1. Catherine costelloe

            But the issue is that tapes & associated data were removed by individuals external to the company and not authorised by Chief executive Mr Pitt or other board members.
            An “anonymous” USB stick in a brown envelope then lands on Dinnys desk .
            Then Dinny amazingly finds out he paid 35,000 for that very usb stick. This is a case for Cloisseau surely?!!

          2. some old unicorn

            You should not be using a work email for personal communications- full stop. If then the email account is hacked by unknown actors and that information finds it way into the public domain- surely it is you own fault?

          3. some old unicorn

            Wrong- an employer can access and search a company email account only.

            They can however monitor anything typed into a personal email account while using company equipment but they cannot access the personal email account itself because it is not their property.

          4. B9 Com From No

            They can stipulate in their policy however that you can’t use company servers for personal email right sou?

            I think that most people use their own smartphone or device now anyway.

            When I wanted to do personal stuff at place of work, I’d bring in my laptop and use phone as a router, not go through company servers at all

          5. some old unicorn

            I would doubt they would need to stipulate it- you are representing your employer when using their email system so I expect it is a given.

            Problem is, if you use your own smartphone on their WiFi then it will be monitored too- its a standard feature on firewalls these days. The only safe way is as you say- to use your own equipment and your own data.

            It’s not about snooping or big brother- If you are up to no good which is traced back, the company may be liable- so all device traffic is routinely recorded.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            soq. You sure do get agitated. I wrote that they can monitor anything you access on the company computer system. So if you access your private email through their system, they can monitor it. Not that difficult to understand.

          7. some old unicorn

            You said email ACCOUNT darling- if they access your personal email account then they are hacking and therefore breaking the law.

          8. GiggidyGoo

            Yes dahling. I wrote that they could monitor anything you access using their system. Even your email account.

            If you access your personal email on a company computer, then the company (especially the likes of INM) will have access to the emails you’ve viewed using their system, and the replies you’ve made using their system.
            In other words, they monitor your account, and have access to your account. Ability to read your emails. That’s access to your email account.
            And companies that wish to protect themselves will also have keyloggers in operation, which means your username and password aren’t secret either. So, in that way they can of course, if they wish to, have access to your personal email account. Whether it’s legal or not is a different discussion.

          9. some old unicorn

            No- they can only monitor what you type by keystroke or video record. They do not have access to your email ACCOUNT. They cannot use a username and password to access an email address which is not stored on their servers.

            I repeat- if your employer views your personal email details- outlook gmail etc- outside of what you typed while using their equipment- then they are most definitely stepping outside their legal remit.

  3. eoin

    “Waste Water Spill” by Tom Ford
    “Stormwater XS” by Calvin Klein
    “Algal Bloom” by Issey Miyake
    “Enterococci” by Nina Ricci

    The Irish Water people are spinning for their lives as Dublin beaches are again declared unfit for bathing because Irish Water has pumped or allowed escape PEE and POO from its systems. It’s just a week since Dublin City Council had to inform Irish Water it was pumping PEE and POO into the Liffey. Seriously lads, at this stage, why don’t you just give every household in Dublin a bucket, collect the buckets every morning and provide a new clean bucket, and empty the buckets into a secure treatment facility which doesn’t leak, clean the bucket and repeat etc.

  4. eoin

    It’s the holiday season so shady minister Richard Bruton’s decision to allow exploration by a Chinese-backed fossil fuel company off the coast of Cork has not received the full attention it would normally receive. The Times Ireland today reports.

    “The move [grant of exploration rights] was criticised by Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of 30 Irish groups campaigning for action on climate change.

    In a statement to The Times, the group said that granting the permission was an example of the government “pandering to the fossil fuel industry”.

    “The science is explicitly clear that we must end the burning of fossil fuels by 2050, and we need to keep 80 per cent of all known reserves in the ground to avert catastrophic climate change. Opening up new fossil fuel reserves anywhere in the world presents grave risks to humanity,” the group said.”

    FG, speaking out of two sides of its mouth on climate change.

    1. Cian

      What? No. You have that the wrong way around.

      It is holiday season, there are no other distractions so this is more likely to be noticed and get onto the front page.

    2. Cian

      Ireland needs oil today. And we’ll need oil tomorrow. And next week, next year, in 10 years, in 20 years (hopefully less and less reliant as the years go by).

      It makes sense to source in locally if we can and remove our reliance on (your best friends) in UAE and other oil producing countries. It’s called “long term planning”.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yep. The same way as we source supply and profit from the oil and gas from the Shell field. Oh wait – we don’t. Cian caught out once again.

          2. Cian

            I didn’t mention profit. I said source. And, as far as I’m aware, all the Shell gas is used in Ireland. Your move.

            Why do you always have to personalise things?

  5. eoin

    Fair play to the Shinners for keeping at the car insurance industry and its scalping of Irish customers.

    Today, they reveal the scalping by county. Pearse Doherty:

    ““While nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the insurance industry, I have to admit that even I was taken aback when I first seen these figures.

    “The online quote of €5,843.58 was issued to a 24 year old first time driver living in Letterkenny, holding a full Irish licence for two years, without any premiums claims or penalties.

    “Had the man in question lived in Kilkenny City then his insurance would have cost him €1,202.54 less for the exact same level of cover.”

        1. Johnny Green

          Acosta always claimed he was told ‘back off’ that Epstein was ‘above his pay grade’ – gosh Mitchell’s judgement and reputation is in absolute tatters,bout time RTÉ/IT give him a platform…

          1. B9Com From No

            He actually was Lilly
            I was thinking wtf are these guys at
            They used to have a great career as sports commentators and now appear to have totally lost the plot

          2. Johnny Green

            Was he making money again of his vastly overstated role in Ireland,peace is a gift not something you cheapen with tacky books,paid appearances,he’s a shameless hustler,constantly seeking cash in on his role.
            A man is know by the company he keeps and Epstein was one his BFF’s.

          3. Lilly

            Is Epstein even dead? Who’s to say they didn’t spring him from jail and put him on a private jet.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      We had to leave after young mini vanillys wellies filled up with rain.

      Great (though very soggy) atmosphere and so much fun.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        same weather got the best of me too, but I did spend the whiletime thinking that lovely looking lady must be Milly !

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          I shot you a sexy wink ;)

          Our eyes must have met across a crowded arena.

  6. shayna

    Yikes – another Dublin v Tyrone (fingers-crossed) final? Congrats to the Dubs – what a second-half turnaround! As soon as the Dubs start finding the net, well, pretty much game over. I had runner-up tix for the RDS for today – they didn’t arrive. I’m not bitching about it – it takes about two weeks for mail to arrive from Dublin to Belfast – there was only 3 days notice – if in doubt, blame The Royal Mail? Anyhoos – I’m sure all the Dub readership will wish the very best for Tyrone tomorrow?

    1. some old unicorn

      You’ll be making Newry Pride on 31st surely shayna?

      Mourne Country Hotel is doing a save a horse ride a cowboy deal for less than €70.

      1. shayna

        2 things there, perhaps 3 – “Save a horse ride a cowboy?”, Newry has ‘Pride’? Also, don’t call call me Surely. (It works better when it’s spoken, rather than written – “Airplane”).

          1. shayna

            I do drink coffee on the Lisburn Road – I kinda live there – I’ve never said that I’m anything other than being a Republican. I’m not anti-anything – okay, July when the Union Flags are mounted on lamp-posts – my heart sinks. It signals the beginning of the “Hate Period”. Also, perhaps it’s in my genes, I never get angry. Sorry, it sounds like – Dear Diary.

        1. some old unicorn

          There is a world outside getting angry at nationalistic flags while having coffee on the Lisburn Road.


          Although thereis serious questions to be answered by the Newry and Mourne council- and not just by their planning department either.

  7. shayna

    Also, the lights (electricity) went off in Belfast just then, @4am for @20 mins? 2nd time in two months. I tripped over boxes in the dark, yes, I’m moving – I fell against a mirror that was still hanging – my nose took the brunt of it. Two black eyes in the morning ensues. (The bleeding thing – I think I’ve curtailed). Hey, notwithstanding – Come on Tyrone inniu!

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