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      1. ReproBertie

        Does eoin lack basic human decency or does he cast it aside in favour of constant JAQing off over newspaper front pages?

      2. eoin

        Sorry you’re offended Bertie. I think it’s a relevant question, particularly when you’ll have thousands of youngsters hitting the town/drowning their sorrows in a few hours. I don’t know the cause of death, could be a latent heart fault for all I know, but it’s newsworthy (to me at least) when the media don’t provide a clue.

        1. B9Com From No

          I think it’s a rude and disrespectful question myself Eoin and no more than yourself I’ve occasionally found myself in hot water with other commenters:)
          The lack of information in itself usually is code for a personal tragedy in my expectation

        2. ReproBertie

          Spare us your “won’t someone think of the children” garbage. Had you bothered to read past the headlines before JAQing off you’d see “the media” clearly state that the gardaí are waiting for the results of a post mortem.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        What’s with deleting my reply Broadsheet?
        It’s a scummy question from Eoin.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            I could have sworn I just heard the click of a gun loading as it’s pressed to the back of your head.

  1. eoin

    Catherine Murphy from the SocDems is commenting on the sale of Garda stations for “meagre” sums. Is she satisfied the Dept of Finance (OPW) got the best prices for the stations? She doesn’t say. Pity.

    1. Cathal

      I know of one that was sold for 60k, OPW had fitted new windows and roof about 18months before it was sold, purchaser split into 2 semi detached houses ,probably spent another 50-60k, they’ve been rented out since,

  2. eoin

    Police State Britain. Financial Times confirms facial recognition cameras are in operation in a large swathe of north central London.When they use facial recognition cameras in China, that’s expected. In the UK, there should be outrage, there isn’t, poor frogs don’t realise they’re being boiled.

    1. martco

      sure @eoin it’s in our own backyard & hardly a peep!

      should be outrage here too..lots of little islands of surveillance as a service sprouting up soon defacto & everywhere as our naïve younger generation blithely integrate surveillance tech into their daily lives as the price to pay for a byte of convenience

      keeping us all “safe”

  3. eoin

    “The United States will enthusiastically back a no-deal Brexit and work with Britain immediately on sector-by-sector trade agreements, President Trump’s national security adviser [John Bolton] said yesterday…He dismissed fears that Congress could block a trade deal over the impact of a no-deal Brexit on Ireland” reports the London Times.

    So, who really wears the hat in the US, John or Nancy?

      1. eoin

        I’ll take a look later Johnny. The SBP is down to about two journos I’d read at this point. The rest is fairly shameless shilling, where, it seems to me one interest is being promoted and counterpoints are either ignored or suppressed. At least that’s how it seems to me.

        If you’re not tempted at €1 for a month, that says something. We’ll get the circulation figures for H1,2019 next week.

        1. Johnny Green

          Tks Eoin-looks like they lifted it from ‘sheet hope the gave JR shout out:)
          Guider’s ‘personality’ all over it or was,hence ……

          New NAFTA involving biggest trading partners still not on floor-UK trade deal haha!

          1. Johnny Green

            Hi B9-after yet another weekend of sex,drugs and rock n roll i can never make the Monday deadline, will be in later today and hopefully up tomorrow:)

            Ps- Wednsday’s going forward which gives me Mon/Tue get it together,weekends are a wasteland…

  4. eoin

    Jeepers, 5,100 out of 58,787 Leaving Certificate students failed maths. “That’s nearly 50%” said a clearly upset student outside a Castleknock school [I’d imagine]. Don’t worry, a rewarding career in the Dept of Finance and Public Expenditure beckons.

  5. Papi

    The newspapers above contain stories about news. Three of them sold in Terminfeckin, while other “people” asked if anybody enquired? Did they?

  6. eoin

    “One Cabinet minister told The Sun: “The EU will give us a better deal, because if they don’t Ireland is f*. No Deal will destroy it.

    “No deal hurts us, the EU and Ireland – but it hurts Ireland the most.

    “A lot of Irish trade goes to Britain, and much of the rest comes through us to Europe.””

    Reports the Express today, with a pretty graph on the predicted impact of a no-deal Brexit.


      1. Susan

        This! Every day the same old waffle like we can’t read them for ourselves, he’s the oracle…..

    1. eoin

      The Express wasn’t available above when I commented (mind you, there were some general issues with embedded BS content). I thought it was interesting to see what the main story was in a mass circulation British paper, especially when it concerns us.

      Also, surprising to see the Express, which has campaigned for Orkambi, not to report the decision of the Scottish drug (financial) approval people.

  7. eoin

    It’s odd that the Express didn’t report on its front page the decision by the independent body in Scotland which scrutinises the cost/benefit of new drugs, and which yesterday rejected Orkambi, the CF drug from Vertex.

    “As these are orphan medicines, our committee members were able to apply additional flexibility in their decision making, but there remained significant uncertainty around their overall health benefits in the long-term in relation to their costs. In order to be able to accept these medicines the committee will need to be satisfied of their cost-effectiveness and we continue to work with the company to achieve that.” said the chairman of the Scottish Medicines Consortium. This follows the decision of the equivalent body in England, NICE to also reject Orkambi.


    In Ireland, Simon Harris overruled our independent body for scrutinising cost/benefits. How much are we paying for Orkambi? Should we stop and re-allocate the funding to areas where it has more impact on patients’ lives.

  8. some old unicorn

    Is anyone else having problems loading today’s paper images in Chrome? Other browsers seem fine.

    1. eoin

      Yep, they’ve deffo changed yesterday afternoon how embedded content is displayed (or not, as you say). Coincided with the period when Bodger adopted the bareknuckle boxer Joyce persona and called someone out for a confrontation. Maybe they were hacked.

    1. some old unicorn

      You know how back in the day SF were banned from speaking and they had to use an actors voice?

      Could we not do that with Gemma? The voice is so bloody grating.

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