Take Me To Church


From top: Yesterday’s New York Post’ Britain’s Queen Elzabeth and her son Prince Andrew in Balmoral, Scotland yesterday

Jeffrey Epstein kept “meticulously detailed” diaries of his friendships which could come back to haunt his powerful pals, reports claim.

The billionaire paedo, who died from an apparent suicide on Saturday, was once friends with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

He is understood to have kept a secret diary detailing his friendships with the rich and famous as an “insurance policy”.


Meanwhile, as this tumultuous news cycle began for Andrew, he was tucked safely away at Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth’s residence in the Scottish Highlands, according to reports from The Sun, The Daily Mail and the Express. He and Ferguson presumably got word of Epstein’s suicide while at Balmoral, The Daily Mail said.

The Queen chose to sit beside the Duke of York in a car, accompanied by his daughter Princess Beatrice, on the way to church at Balmoral, Scotland, on Sunday morning. All three could be seen smiling inside the vehicle.

Jeffrey Epstein kept ‘meticulously detailed’ diaries which could come back to haunt his powerful pals including Prince Andrew (The Sun)

Jeffrey Epstein: Who is embroiled in sex scandal – and why are there conspiracy theories over his death? (Telegraph)


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5 thoughts on “Take Me To Church

  1. Ian-O

    Funny watching the partisan accusations flying back and forth between Trump and Clinton fans.

    In my world I’d have no problem believing both Donald and Bill are involved and as for Lord useless himself, Prince Andrew, yeah, I’d tend to believe him capable too.

  2. phil

    I wonder is there any chance he had a safe deposit box with documents to be released ‘on the even of his death’ …

    Guess time will tell

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