Constructive Debate



This morning.

Irish Times columnist Kathy Sheridan scolds Young Fine Gael member Killian Foley-Walsh for attending an American conservative youth conference featuring US Vice President Mike Pence.

That’ll learn him.

Kathy Sheridan: Killian Foley-Walsh should shut up and listen (Irish Times)

Young America’s Foundation

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39 thoughts on “Constructive Debate

  1. eoin

    Desperate, we’ll find out next Thursday how many copies the Irish Times is shifting these days, it’s likely to be less than 45,000 at full price. That’s in a country of 4.9m. Some randomer at the IT telling someone to listen in 2019, it’s like the Skibbereen Eagle telling off the Czar.

    1. :-Joe

      The decline of journalism in general cannot be equated solely to the falling profits of one Irish media outlet and one journalist in the IT expressing an opinion about a F-f/G youth member whether or not he actually is a deluded narcissistic opportunistic facist pimple poppin incel or not.

      Fun analogy though…


  2. Shay-boy

    We had Mullally scolding a hugely popular hip hop act for writing dodgy lyrics when they were 17, now this from Sheridan. We are entering dangerous waters with the Irish Times. Adults telling youths what to do is most worrying.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      25 isn’t a “youth”. He’s not some misguided little boy. He’s well into adulthood and knew well where he was going and what they were about.

      1. Ian-O

        True enough Daisy but for all his age he acts like a petulant child who is out to shock.

        He hasn’t shocked anyone though, just made himself look foolish and sadistic.

  3. Ian-O

    Killian ”coat hangers” Foley-Walsh.

    That comment should be brought up every time this smug, twit opens his mouth.

    That and the Brevik comment.

  4. class wario

    is broadsheet really coming out in active support of these types now? Really?

    Is saying somebody should ‘listen’ that objectionable? Moreso than claiming ‘liberalism’ pushed Anders Breivik to do what he did?

      1. class wario

        there is a fairly clear tone of disapproval to the way people have reacted to mr foley walsh’s own words in this post including but not limited to the sarcastic references to ‘constructive debate’, ‘charming’ and ‘that’ll learn him’.

        This follows the previous post on the topic which seemed to focus solely on the fact that he was being criticised for attending something as opposed to his own vile views and comments.

    1. :-Joe

      Apart from updates about Area 51 and derek “I’ll spin you right round.. baby right round” mooney’s weekly posts on how great another F-F/g government will be since well, never….


  5. McVitty

    Better if the IT wrote a series of articles to help us understand the evolution of our political parties and the wings each has – if they are actually interested in political science as opposed to outrage/clickbait. Fintan O’Toole would be capable of that.

    Yer man sounds like a genuine piece of work – but he’s a reminder that Fine Gael have/had a socially conservative strain…no matter how poorly founded, outrageous and lost he is in his ideas (and supporting what Anders Brevik did is very far right of moderate social conservativism).

    There must be a stark suppression of social conservativism in FG today, just like in the UK Tory party. The Kenny/Coveney etc faction is a little more conservative but categorically neo-liberal in the greater scheme. The Bruton/Varadkar/Harris etc faction is utterly neo-liberal. You can’t even be a moderate social conservative without being smeared as a populist at the moment. I liked when you’d pick up the paper and read the conservative view, the liberal view and make up your own mind…

  6. V

    I don’t think this is anything to do with Fine Gael’s neocon streak

    I think its an example of how citizens – and here we have it with the next generation of Irish Politicans, are returning to Main Party Whip politics

    The smaller parties, the independent collectives and new upstart parties just don’t appeal to the voter anymore.

    You saw that in the EU and in the Locals
    And even though the polls we have coming out here are about as close as I am to a size 10
    They aren’t wrong about the main parties

    1. Rob_G

      “The smaller parties, the independent collectives and new upstart parties just don’t appeal to the voter anymore.

      You saw that in the EU and in the Locals”

      – the Greens came away from those elections with 2 MEPs and 49 councillors…

      1. V

        The Greens – in the bigger scheme of things would be classed as a main party Rob, same for Sinn Fein
        But I take your point

        But consider this one
        I don’t think that degree of swing in May will be so obtuse in the next General

        Maybe in the four by-elections coming our way
        But you hardly need me to tell you this, by-elections are traditionally a protest vote.
        I expect the Greens to pick off one for sure, maybe two, if not the two that second will be very closely run by the Green candidate

        Incidentally the Greens have always had a good rep in Europe, so don’t put their 2 MEP wins here down to a Green Wave sweep entirely

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