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This morning.

Irish Times columnist Kathy Sheridan scolds Young Fine Gael member Killian Foley-Walsh for attending an American conservative youth conference featuring US Vice President Mike Pence.

That’ll learn him.

Kathy Sheridan: Killian Foley-Walsh should shut up and listen (Irish Times)

Young America’s Foundation

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Young Fine Gael (YFG) president Killian Foley-Walsh, a member of Fine Gael’s ruling national executive, attended the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) conference in Washington DC last week along with YFG’s social media officer Chloe Kennedy.

Their attendance at the YAF conference has prompted criticism from a Fine Gael TD and caused disquiet within YFG, the party’s youth wing whose past members include Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

‘Entirely inappropriate’ – anger as Fine Gael Youth leader attends US right-wing conference (Hugh O’Connell, Independent.ie)

Young America’s Foundation?



Dale McDermott and Enda Kenny

“Recent polls show that while support for Marriage Equality is at its highest among young people, over one third of people aged between 18 and 25 are not registered to vote. Therefore, they cannot give that all important tick to equality. Today, along with our Taoiseach, we are urging every single young person in the country to check the register.
“As President of Young Fine Gael, a proud member of the LGBT community and as a citizen of this country, I will proudly be working over the coming few weeks to register as many people as Young Fine Gael can on campuses all over Ireland. Simply put, I just want the same opportunity to marry the person I choose to love as everybody else and I hope that young Ireland can help achieve this.”

Telly’s Brian Ormond Dale McDermott, President of Young Fine Gael.


Young Fine Gael and An Taoiseach Urge Young People to Register to Vote (YFG.ie)

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Pic: Fine Gael

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At a Young Fine Gael photocall to “highlight the importance of making the right choice in next week’s European elections”.

From left: Fine Gael European Election Candidate Brian Hayes (left), Minister for European Affairs,Paschal Donohoe (far right), and members of Young Fine Gael Lucy O’Shea (left), and Maeve Glavey.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)



Ah here



They start young in Young Fine Gael (TCD branch).

At a YFG meet and greet session in Trinity College following the ejection of one party member amid claims of financial impropriety…

Trinity News reports:


…Ciara McMahon, a candidate for the YFG panel, noted in her speech that politics should be introduced as a Leaving Certificate subject. Another panel candidate, David McManus, also outlined the importance of “getting young people interested in politics.”

One candidate went on to attempt to defend Darren Scully, the councillor and former Naas mayor who was expelled from the party for saying that he would not represent “black Africans” in the town. Fine Gael’s recent decision to re-admit Scully into the party was condemned by the Irish Integration Centre as sending a “clear message that racist remarks by elected representatives are okay with them.” However, the YFG candidate in question remarked in his speech that, “Nobody is perfect.”

YFG was also the subject of public attention in July following the passing of a number of unusual motions at its annual Garrett Fitzgerald Summer School, [Including] that, “YFG calls on the Government to reinstate Garda detectives with sub-machine guns, as ordinary handguns are insufficient to combat modern day crime.”


Good times (ahead).


Your mentioning of the (TCD branch) is very unfair. The Trinity branch has been unanimous in our condemnation of Darren Scully. We were only the venue for that debate. We have consistently championed a progressive cause within YFG, as you may have seen in the past


David Higgins, PRO Young Fine Gael Trinity

Student ejected from YFG husting session (Trinity News)