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This morning.

It’s being reported that 302 homeowners who had been promised grant funding under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s deep retrofit scheme – a scheme aimed at improving the energy efficiency ratings of older homes – will now not receive their funding.

RTÉ journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes has tweeted his thoughts…

Hundreds of homeowners to lose out on retrofit grants (The Irish Times)

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10 thoughts on “Retrocausality

  1. eoin

    This is the shady minister, Richard Bruton’s dept.

    Who is Philip at RTE alleging “told [the SEAI] to keep accepting applications..before the local and European elections”? Was it Richard Bruton himself? It would make sense, didn’t Leo and Phil bribe the beef farmers with €100 million the week before the elections?

    1. Medium Sized C


      Because SEAI fall under the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Energy.

    2. Otis Blue

      “The decisions we make now will define the next century. I am currently developing an all of government plan to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change, not a follower. We are investing up to €25 million in these grants, to help homes and businesses right across the country upgrade to more energy efficient premises. I would urge all communities, big and small, interested in being more sustainable in their energy use, to explore the fantastic opportunities presented by this fund”

      Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Environment

  2. martco

    SEAI was always a big fat financial sandwich scam anyway.
    you can only access the grant via “approved installers” & it very neatly, conveniently covers the very large difference in cost between what you have to pay said local approved installer & what you would have paid if you/your plumber chose to go shopping for the fancy Swedish HVAC gear directly.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Registration is down to insurance and standard of work

      Having insurance so you can indemnify SEAI against any damages done during the work which makes sense given how litigious people are in Ireland.

      And SEAI review standard of work. Most plumbers can’t do basic residential HVAC.
      Plus it’s not just plumbing, is it?
      Insulation has to be done properly.
      SEAI check accreditation and inspect work.

      1. martco

        yeah insurance is what it’s all about. a bit like homebond ;) no doubt. my own experience involved German lads with 30+ years commissioning experience, I know it’s not just pipework. (forgive my terminology didn’t mean to denigrate any plumbers out there in any way)

  3. max

    Had our central heating controls upgraded to an 8 zone system with a condensing boiler, SEAI came back a year later and inspected it and decided that they wouldn’t release the cash until the plumbing lagged the attic hatch, totally unrelated to the grant that was applied for and not touched by his upgrade works. They had also released the money a year earlier.

  4. Termagant

    You have to have the work done before applying for the grant, no? Does that mean these people are left in the lurch for the full cost?

    1. Medium Sized C

      I suspect this isn’t “The Grant” you are referring to.

      The Bettter Energy Homes Scheme, is the one we have had since the Greens were in Government and as far as I can see its still there. You can get your insulation etc done.

      This one is Deep Retrofit. Which was aimed at big works. IIRC if you get works done you get more money for the more works done.
      Also I think it covers some more invasive works like airtightness and fancy ventilation systems.
      BUT you can’t apply for it youself, its kind of a group scheme job.
      So what’s likely to happen is an organisation who arranged to have a load of houses done (like this crowd: will be trying to explain to homeowners why there is no cash.

      I’m not sure if they did money upfront like Better Energy Homes Scheme.
      But if they did this is an absolute car crash because these grants are for a lot more than a bit of insulation and a new clock.

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