At The Market


This morning.

At Dublin’s Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market between Capel Street and Smithfield in Dublin 7 – where just eight traders remain.

Joseph Duffy (third pic), of Joseph M Duffy and Sons, has worked at the market for the past 45 years. His grandparents met at the market and, in total, his family have worked there for more than 125 years.

Karenita Roche-Campion (fourth pic), who lives in Dundrum, says she’s considered a ‘blow-in’ as she’s only worked at the market for 25 years. She used to walk to the market from Dundrum, taking her an hour and 30 mins.

Joe Dowling (fifth pic), of Dowling and Sons Fruit and Veg, has been working at the market for around 30 years.

Michael Dowling (sixth pic), of Dowling and Sons Fruit and Veg, has been working there since he was a child.

The market, which was first opened in 1892, is reportedly set to close next Friday for a €3million refurbishment by Dublin City Council.


Pics: Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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15 thoughts on “At The Market

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Finally!! This redevelopment has been mooted for far too many years now. Here’s hoping for a Borough Market style result – it will be a great addition to the north inner city and for local trading, fresh, seasonal produce, tourism and recreation. Do it right DCC.

    1. martco

      I hope so too @Spag…Borough Market is pricey but fab for a treat…one of my favourite places for a browse about. maybe we could do something a bit less fancy & exclusive but along those lines. but I fear they’ll sit on it, will get delayed, [insert ropey excuse] & it will eventually get gerrymandered to some developer who’ll build some nasty coliving nano cells for the next generation of homehunters to aspire to in the new normal.

      1. Qwerty123

        Don’t worry, the locals will take the ‘fancy’ away. It will be like borough market with addicts

  2. seanydelight

    The Iveagh Market has been abandoned for years – despite renovation plans, but alas.
    Shame – Lived right next to it on Dean Swift Square, lovely building wasted.

    1. dav

      Another case where some property developer is being allowed to let the property to fall into disrepair
      the sooner such “risk takers” have their assets seized and nationalised, the better

      1. Johnny

        What’s their motivation behind that? The Plough on Abbey St was the same, some lads from Galway took it over in 2009 and were running it well, then the landlord said the rent was doubling. They couldn’t afford it obviously so they closed it down and it hasn’t been used for anything since. It’s now a wreck of a place and the landlord has (intentionally) lost out on tens years rent…..

        I’m obviously missing something because it’s definitely intentional. Is it to get the government to let them knock it down so they can build on the land?

    2. Conksi

      if DCC had imagination and testes they CPO and do it – you could make an argument its demise helps keep all the junkie zombies floating about there too. Yer man who owns the Blooms hotel in temple bar owns it afaik

  3. Peter Dempsey

    So a lady who has worked there for 25 years is still considered a blow-in. Just goes to show the insular mentality and hatred from the stuck up “salt of the earth” locals.

    1. Chris

      Exactly! As someone who lives in one of Dublin’s supposed great “communities” all you see is griping and protectionism of their own cushy existence. They dont want ANY development other than more council houses (never apartments of course, they are above that) so that their kids don’t have to go far from their front door.

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