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Peter O’Connor writes:

Following on from the “The Algorithm Method” post in June, it would be really good if you shared the follow-up video

While many readers are with Google’s political lean, people aught to take a longer term view and consider the flimsy and subjective nature of a term like “authoritative content”….and hopefully look past the politics of someone like Gemma O’Doherty who is trying to take Google to task and is vocal on these matters in her protests (top at their Dublin HQ).

Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul” (Project Veritas)

Previously: The Algorithim Method


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34 thoughts on “Authoritative Content

  1. Alan

    Gemma only problem with Google is they shut down her youtube channels for being silly boo boo. Now saying that, take away the suppose “left/liberal leanings” of google their ability to influence people and policy is massive, I do believe big tech companies need to be broken up and we need to introduce oversight and regulations in AI. Reading quiet a good article on the topic this morning on open souce.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      That’s it in a nutshell. If Gemtrails still had her channel, she wouldn’t give any kind of a damn about what “big tech” is doing. Her so called “investigative journalism” involves spouting rubbish as well as railing against unicorns and the alphabet as a communist plot.

      1. Alan

        I guess BS is moderating the comments, I would never refer to Gemtrails as a silly boo boo, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it as what I called her.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          They don’t like swearing round these parts.

          A little creativity is appreciated. I learned the hard way. I love all the bold words equally. Except for maybe ‘clunge’.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            Hmmmm. It was always called swearing in my house. Maybe it’s because we’re an awful shower of West Brits.

          2. Chuckenstein

            Probably around the same time operation became surgery…..’I had to have a series of surgeries’…etc. Damned American TV.

          3. The Old Boy

            I remember being taught that surgeons, whose field is correctly called surgery, perform operations in theaters. I think even phrases such as “GP’s surgery” are relatively recent innovations.

    1. McVitty

      Okay, so he has some far out ideas of world order conspiracy but how does that change anything of what he has brought to light on the bias in the way Google operates? His 950 files from Google containing evidence are now with the DOJ, so they’ll decide…

      A couple of things we know:
      1. Google have become the traffic warden for 70% of internet traffic in the EU (according to Margrethe Vestager’s findings in the recent anti-trust case the EU Commission brought against Google).

      2. The Algorithm Method post shows that Google interfered with our democratic process by blacklisting searches – which is only acceptable because it helped the establishment position on the referendum. Google thought it would be against the Irish people to know where Irish politicians stood in the past on the abortion question – since that could inform a debate.

      So, does it not concern you that Google operate for some “greater good” that could change like the wind (be it from lobbying/advocacy, political coercion etc) and that we have a recent history where that did not work out so well.

      Ignorance would appear to be blissful.

  2. Boj

    I watched The Great Hack from netflix the other day…..good show and very informative.
    Moonbats indeed.

        1. Lilly

          I’ve never had a FB account. What’s a good alternative to Gmail? Not Hotmail which I have, and which has been twice hacked.

  3. some old unicorn

    It’s obvious what Gemtrails agenda is- all you need to do is look at the email before the presidential election stating her full support for LBGT to Panti Biss and now- where she and is suing Rory-

    As for the Google whistle blower- every single full time employee of Google ACROSS THE WORLD had access to those documents.

    It is actually pretty good PR for Google- he was clearly a very low level employee and Trump is trying to bully them because they have clipped some of the foreign actors.

    1. McVitty

      He was a senior engineer at Google. See also Greg Coppola senior software engineer and James Damore another senior engineer who spoke up internally at Google ( These are by no means low-level grunts.

      With regard accessing documents in the drives, I guess Google assumes everyone shares the same worldview. It’s within reason to suggest that you would need to have your worldview align with that of the Google executive to rise at Google.

      In terms of a person’s culture, political views form part of that. Some people think that the citizen is sovereign for example which leads to thinking about the world as a collection of nation states. This would lead someone to place greater interest in their own history. – understand and own their history and reconcile the present and future against that. This is not fashionable in this time but to conflate this with “right wing bigotry” is truly intolerant – and this is where Google needs to be a facilitator of truthful understanding, and not a manufacturer of narrative and filter-bubbles.

      Politics in the Google head office on the Friday afternoon after the Trump election:

  4. V

    Ara’ look-it
    We all know Google has gotten too big and too out of control to be healthy for anyone, even themselves
    There’s no doubt it’s going to be split up the same way Microsoft was
    They’ll probably get squeezed for billions in fines and charges along the way

    However I’m continually mindful, and thankful actually, for Bodger’s expression:
    The Public Square and that they own so much of it, or anyone could – that it could ever be considered as Private Property
    That scares me, and I suppose it emphasizes the need for people to participate in whatever Democratic processes they are a part of

    Censorship denies Equality
    And that cannot be allowed happen

    But you know
    Google, the big and the bad Google, is one thing

    It’s Users need to held responsible for a quare amount of the abuses too

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