We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday



Name that model, anyone?

Any excuse

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14 thoughts on “We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

  1. eoin

    Ex-Manchester police van arrived into Dublin on a ‘Busman’s Holiday’ to work! But unfortunately they forgot to pack their Tax / CVRT / LPSV and an operator’s licence [not to mention number plates!]

    And what did the Gardai do? They put on balaclavas and stood back as the occupants of the van violently evicted protesters in a vacant house in the middle of a housing crisis.

    Gwan the Gardai! [and don’t stop gwaning]


  2. paver

    UK phased out ‘tax disc’ in 2014, they also abolished displaying of insurance and MOT. it’s all stored on a thing called a database which UK police are granted access.

  3. Pip

    It’s yet another one from that crowd in Ballymena.
    A Wright Eclipse Gemini.
    We have them here too.

  4. Skeptik

    Couple of dozen of them ferrying construction workers between the Intel construction site in Leixlip to M3 Parkway in Dunboyne and Weston at the moment. Still have TFL “roundels” on the side and sporting British Rail logos on the information screens on the front. Pretty surreal.

  5. dav

    Can’t wait for one of these traffic case to be thrown out due to Gardaí Tweeting the circumstances of the crime and denying the accused a fair trial – sorry if that’s not legally correct but I wonder if Bodger could ask legal coffee drinker for his view on it?

    1. The Old Boy

      No, it’s no different than saying “Joe Bloggs, 21, arrested in possession of a bloodied knife following stabbing, say Gardaí.” It’s not really prejudicial.

      LCD is a woman, by the way.

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