And The Horse You Rode In On


The Horseboy mural on Stirrup Lane in Dublin 7


A petition has been set up by artist collective Subset to save the ‘Horseboy’ mural on Stirrup Lane, off Church Street, in Dublin 7, from being removed by Dublin City Council.

They write:

An Bord Pleanála is set to rule on the case of a well-known mural in the Smithfield area after Dublin City Council found that it needs planning permission to remain in place.

The Horseboy mural is located just off Church Street in Dublin 7 and a warning letter had previously been issued in respect of it by the council.

The tenant at the house which has the mural on the side of it made an application to the council in June that the painting should be considered “exempted development” and allowed to remain.

A previous arrangement between the council and the tenant had designated it as an “exempted development”

….The conditions attached to that agreement outlined it would only apply for a period of 12 months, ending 1 April 2018, and that the applicant would have to commit to removing the artwork at the end of that permission.

A submission was then made by the owner – as opposed to the tenant – of the property in favour of the mural….

…Dublin City Council, however, found that the mural does require planning permission, and therefore it cannot be considered exempt under existing laws.

The need for planning permission for murals has been a thorn in the side of efforts to develop street art in Dublin in recent years.

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13 thoughts on “And The Horse You Rode In On

  1. Custo

    This is the best street art in Dublin by some distance. That lad Aches is a genius. Such a shame that subset seem to constantly ‘forget’ to apply for the correct planning permission..

      1. Custo

        Except for their commercial work, of course. They remember then.

        But it’s easier just to blame the council.

        This should be kept. No doubt about it. Its amazing. But subset aren’t the have a go heroes they like to make themselves out to be.

  2. Dhaughton99

    They’d be better off chasing the cable companies who dug up the streets and failed to repair them properly.
    Also, what’s with the new spate of litter bin removals around the city?

    1. Jake38

      Ageee. They also might consider actually putting up some signs with street names on them. Worse than useless.

    2. martco


      also, imagine if this were a Banksy? they’d be all tripping over each other to own it & protect it

      seems quite the jobsworth scenario

      I hope it gets to stay, it’s fab

  3. V

    Ah no
    It’s beautiful

    I tell ya
    That DCC crowd are a right shower

    Had my own planning battles recently with them

    What they made me change my original submission to would make your eyes bleed
    And they weren’t in any hurry to decide on the Additional Information Request responses either

    Jobs Worths

  4. Bort

    Keep “horseboy”, it’s just truly amazing. Aches is the best. Stormzy – whatever, it was an ad for a concert for a lad from London who is sponsored 100s of thousands by adidas. An ad, beautiful artwork but an ad.

  5. some old unicorn

    I sometimes wonder about DCC’s priorities- as commented above, go fix the bloody roads.

  6. shortforbob

    If you follow the links and read the longer story at the this gets even more stupid:

    “The owner of the property raises objection to the painting which has been put in place without his permission and outlines that he has requested the applicant to remove the painting on a number of occasions,” council documents said.

    The tenant did this without the permission of the owner FFS!

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