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  1. shayna

    The British Independent leads with the death of Peter Fonda. I watched Easy Rider again tonight. “Roll me another one, just like the other one”. I travelled in my Fiat Panda, no tax, no insurance, no mot – to Portugal with my two good friends from Uni in Wales back in ’87.. The sound-track was a bit different – I went for T-Rex, Simon was a Beatles guy – John wanted to listen to the radio.

      1. shayna

        I was in Portugal last year for a month came back to Ireland, a tad early – 3 days later, I returned, at Faro Airport, the customs officer scanned my passport and said welcome back, my heart melted. If I keep mentioning Portugal, perhaps I’ll be offered some cash from The Portugal Tourist Board. Oh, did I mention I’m going to Portugal next week?

  2. The Tec Dr

    The ex Corrie Star only appeared in 3 episodes as a nurse. Why would somebody pay to go to a funeral of an actress who only had bit parts on her cv.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      I suspect she’s more “famous” for being Bronson’s ex wife.

  3. For Greed

    The Mail (who is behind it?) is astonishing. They have facilitated FG buying the front page, in order to spin their latest (PUBLIC SERVICE CARD SCANDAL) with one of their own, but slightly cooling, scandals … Distracting us from their latest shameful shitshow with another of their shameful shitshows. You have to hand it to them: they are absolute scum. (The Mail and their Paddy Tories).

  4. eoin

    I’m sure this is old news but the London Sunday Times headlines today

    “Britain faces shortages of fuel, food and medicine, a three-month meltdown at its ports, a hard border with Ireland and rising costs in social care in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to an unprecedented leak of government documents that lay bare the gaps in contingency planning”

    They’re still mired in chaos with MPs seeking a return of parliament before the scheduled end of break on 3 September to sort out the mess. Good luck to them!

  5. eoin

    Congratulations to the Broadsheet massiv for breaking into the top #200 of Ireland’s most popular websites.

    #198 yesterday. Leaving the likes of Extra (Daily Mail), Herald.ie and Joe.ie, in the dust in Ireland, despite those websites having loads more resources. You’re also miles in front of Village and Phoenix which have a certain profile even if they aren’t swimming in resources.

    Website rankings change daily, but a bit of search engine optimisation might help you up another 100 or so places, if that is something you desire.

    Well done on the content, interpreting the subjects of the day, and the great sense of humour not to mention patience. Personally also, I think Johnny Green’s cannabis-in-Ireland series is, as the horticulturists would say “ground-breaking”.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Nice one Eoin, what are you viewing the top 100 from…. statcounter, Alexa, etc., or….?

        1. Clampers Outside

          Cheers Eoin, and I second your congrats and fair dues to all at Broadsheet Towers!

          Well done BS!

  6. eoin

    Justine McCarthy has a damp squib of an article about the protests at Google after she apparently failed to get any comment from a leading protester or her solicitors.

    The Sunday Times does report “They [councillors on Dublin City Council] were also told gardai are investigating a matter related to the protest but were given no details”

    “No details” wha? That’s not the impression that was given by the leading protester who had some choice words of her own for Justine last Friday.

    Still no word in the brave Irish media on the litigation with Panti Bliss.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’re surely not asking Eoin for information – you being one who complains regularly about the information he supplies?
        Your comment about Eoin on Fridays papers was “Though why anyone even gives Eoin’s screeds the time of day at this stage …”

        1. Brother Barnabas

          every day on broadsheet is a fresh dawn, a clean slate, new purity waiting to be sullied

          didn’t you yourself say that, giggidy?

      2. some old unicorn

        None knows yet but she’s probably forgotten all about that by now- incitement to hared against Muslim women and threatening judges is the new thing apparently.

  7. eoin

    The Sunday Business Post is carrying the flame against the genomics company which has been lobbying like billy-o to get its hands on our genetic data [who can forget the softest of interviews on Marian Saturday a month ago] Now the Irish Council for Civil Liberties is joining to campaign to stop them.

    “GMI, which was founded in 2015, was acquired last year by Chinese-owned WuXi NextCode. The firm aims to harvest genetic data from 400,000 Irish people for medical research”

    1. scottser

      That oul hack finucane had harry Crosbie on yesterday. He wants to build a polder in Clontarf, develop it into a new town but only if the project is exempt from VAT or stamp duty.
      She’s like a plant for Renua that wan.

  8. eoin

    The response by the Taoiseach, the political leader in the country, to the conclusion that his government has been engaged in ILLEGAL MASS SURVEILLANCE OF CITIZENS, is staggering.

    Besides revealing that there are now “nearly 4m” PSC cards, not 3.2m as indicated last week in an investigation that’s been ongoing for a couple of years, Leo is floating the idea of changing the law to make what is illegal today, legal.

    Now, why didn’t Richard Nixon think of that solution to his Watergate woes.

        1. Cian

          It’s a lot of people. But the illegal part is that they kept the supporting documentation too long. So they have a 3.2 million sets of proof-of-address. So they legally can keep your actual address details, they just shouldn’t have kept the vodaphone bill (or whatever) that shows your address.

          It is the surveillance that I’m laughing at.

          1. martco

            I’m gonna guess what he’s poking at there @Cian is a fear of the kind of building blocks needed for this little endgame scenario, wha:


            Of course there’s no way that our govt. would ever consider using its citizens data for any kind of nefarious purpose, is there? I mean they are completely trustworthy & I’d be more than happy for them to know every corner of my life. It’s all just so honest, to make the suggestion that something like the data garnered thru a trinket like a simple card is just laughable, isn’t it, lol

            I’ll continue to keep my personal data personal if it’s all the same with you PSC cheerleaders out there.

  9. eoin

    Ahead of the Oireachtas communications committee publishing a report on the National Broadband Plan this week, a report which may call for the plan to be kicked into touch while there’s an indepth investigation of alternatives, the SBP has more details on the nuts and bolts of the €5bn plan, and the €290m which is being put up by the Boston private equity group.

    €290m out of €5bn? We must be fuppin’ mad.

  10. eoin

    Last month, Leo Varadkar replied to a parliamentary question from Catherine Murphy about the costs of various tribunals, including the Moriarty tribunal which originally examined payments from Ben Dunne to Charlie Haughey and Michael Lowry, but then went on to examine payments from Denis O’Brien to Michael Lowry.


    The answer from Leo provided the total which we have paid out to witnesses at the Moriarty Tribunal, €13,726,243 for their legal and other costs.

    The list of witnesses and the amounts paid have now been revealed, which you might find interesting. [BTW, a certain Sunday Times columnist who did appear as a witness at the Moriarty Tribunal and was severely criticised by the Tribunal and others for her conduct, doesn’t appear to have received a red cent!]

    Douglas Armstrong 27-Sep-12 €1,894.20
    Tommy Cullen 03-Dec-12 €3,750.00
    Gerald Kean 20-Dec-12 €907.50
    Costs of Fianna Fáil. 24-Dec-12 €495,127.01
    Harry Lindsay 09-May-13 €1,894.20
    Noel Walshe 09-May-13 €5,043.00
    Brenda O’Keefe 09-May-13 €173,020.92
    Jurys Hotel Group PLC 10-Jun-13 €425.00
    Jarleth Burke 13-Jun-13 €10,417.87
    Liam Carroll 24-Jun-13 €4,477.00
    Jack Stakelum 24-Jun-13 €78,584.78
    Brian Dennis and HB Dennis Motors Ltd 24-Jun-13 €984.00
    Patrick McCann 01-Aug-13 €27,263.18
    the late David Austin and Maureen Austin 01-Aug-13 €89,467.60
    John Magnier/Coolmore/Castlehyde & Associated Stud Farm 01-Aug-13 €33,873.95
    Atron Electronics Ltd & Nicholas Fitzpatrick 12-Aug-13 €6,113.70
    Joseph N Malone 12-Aug-13 €32,719.53
    Margaret Keogh 12-Aug-13 €15,947.15
    Fine Gael Party 12-Aug-13 €635,912.41
    Kiaran O’Malley 15-Aug-13 €10,267.50
    Terry Donovan 30-Sep-13 €32,593.70
    European Commission 30-Sep-13 €7,661.52
    Richard O’Toole. 29-Oct-13 €10,390.17
    Paul Connolly. 29-Oct-13 €25,805.26
    Arthur Gibney 12-Dec-13 €5,382.55
    Billy Riordan and Donal Buggy 24-Dec-13 €293,220.70
    Eileen Foy 24-Dec-13 €94,410.69
    Olivery Freaney & Co 24-Dec-13 €37,485.44
    David Gresty 24-Dec-13 €87,134.76
    Conor Haughey, Ciaran Haughey, Sean Haughey and Eimear Mulhern 16-Jan-14 €109,151.73
    NCB Stockbrokers 10-Feb-14 €80,960.11
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers 06-Mar-14 €10,021.55
    Dr John O’Connell 20-Mar-14 €44,207.22
    CRH Plc, Roadstone Dublin, Tony Barry, Donal Dempsey and Martin MacAodha 24-Mar-14 €116,155.73
    Cedar Building Company and Eddie Holly 03-Apr-14 €2,926.12
    Robert Harris 02-May-14 €3,690.00
    Seamus O’Neill 07-May-14 €4,305.00
    Gordon Gill, Mark Fitzgerald and Killian O’Higgins 03-Jun-14 €45,768.55
    Goodman International/Euroscot international Ltd/Mr Laurence Goodman 19-Jun-14 €15,500.00
    Irish Press Plc, Dr Eamon DeValera, Vincent Jennings 23-Jun-14 €13,044.67
    Larchfield Securities Ltd 07-Jul-14 €82,266.91
    Murrays Europcar 11-Sep-14 €18,816.13
    Estate of CJ Haughey (deceased) 11-Sep-14 €1,362,688.43
    Carlisle Trust 15-Sep-14 €324,218.80
    Persona Digital Telephony 18-Sep-14 €312,030.90
    John Daly 31-Dec-14 €1,185.96
    Dr Edmund Farrell 16-Mar-15 €38,455.80
    KBC Bank Plc. 20-Mar-15 €285,886.31
    Institute of Chartered Accountants 23-Apr-15 €1,006.12
    Mike Murphy Insurance Services Ltd., Mike Murphy & Terry Quigley 07-May-15 €173,355.82
    Dermot Desmond, Michael Walsh & International Investment & Underwriting Ltd 07-May-15 €1,227,573.00
    Michael Tunney 14-May-15 €93,930.53
    Regina Finn 21-May-15 €32,710.71
    Hamilton Ross & Co Ltd/Poinciana Fund Ltd 25-May-15 €6,274.53
    John Ryall 21-Dec-15 €38,551.65
    Catherine Butler 11-Aug-16 €26,384.54
    Sam Corbett 11-Aug-16 €154,672.50
    Telenor Mobile Communications 27-Feb-17 €5,262,958.45
    estate of Patrick Gallagher 27-Apr-17 €86,045.49
    Thomas Clifford and others 27-Jul-17 €47,355.64
    Denis Foley 27-Jul-17 €97,164.44
    Helen Malone 14-Sep-17 €45,000.00
    Celtic Helicopters 14-Sep-17 €119,547.40
    EBS Building Society 12-Oct-17 €12,085.04
    Deloitte & Touche & Mr Harry Boland 22-Feb-18 €777,842.49
    Kazuaki Tazaki 22-Feb-18 €3,364.22
    Robert Wilson 22-Feb-18 €3,370.49
    Ronald Chambers 22-Feb-18 €3,439.77
    Estate of Liam McGonagle 22-Feb-18 €12,969.62
    Amorys Solicitors 18-May-18 €10,147.50
    O’Shea Barry Solicitors 28-Jun-18 €3,739.55
    O’Mara Geraghty McCourt Solicitors 16-Jul-18 €37,590.44
    O’Shea Barry Solicitors – J. Finnegan 12-Nov-18 €5,833.78
    McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors & O’Shea Barry Solicitors 03-Aug-18 €318,014.86

  11. GiggidyGoo

    Varadkar claims he wasn’t told about the draft PSC report. Standard response from FGers. Standard response from Varadkar. Maybe he will have to check with his staff.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Mayhap he was overwhelmed with a wave of love for the EU and has decided to emigrate to Italy where he will finish his days in a coma of excellent food and delicious wine and overly handsy men.

      1. martco

        here let me see if I can raise him…

        spuds, paddy, mick, green wogs, HEH HEH HEH

        ohno what have I done? :(

  12. eoin

    “Every time you take a professional fighter and sprinkle a ton of money on him, then get ready for a disaster.” says Dana White, the boss of UFC [which says it’s a legitimate sport] talking about Conor McGregor’s mounting court cases.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      UFC is a company, not a sport. Are you referring to MMA, which is actually a sport?

      1. eoin

        Isn’t MMA like poker, Millicent, and the UFC version is like Texas Hold ’em, that type of thing. But I see your point.

    2. Lilly

      I saw Pete Taylor and his mot on Friday. Still wearing that contraption on his arm over a year later.

  13. eoin

    What’s happening between the press and the Queen in the UK?

    First, Jonny Harmsworth’s Daily Mail carries an innuendo-laden article strongly challenging Prince Andrew’s sexual proclivities (Andrew denies sexual contact with a girl connected to Epstein).

    And today, Rupert Murdoch’s titles claim the FBI have a file on the deceased Louis Mountbatten claiming he was a paedophile. Mountbatten is closely connected with Prince Charles and the Sun has several pics in its article of Mountbatten with Charles.


    Is this because the Queen may have a decisive role in the political progress of Brexit in the next couple of months? By refusing to dissolve parliament? By accepting Corbyn or a compromise MP as PM? One of these attacks by an establishment newspaper on the royals would be highly unusual. Two is deeply suspicious.

  14. shayna

    Congrats to Tipp, apparently goals win matches, the Maher brothers were superb. Points from 65 metres – it was beautiful to view. I did tip Tipp to win – note to Shayna – maybe put some money on the game?

        1. B9Com From No

          Being abroad only see the action
          Hate the fact that the commentators described it as a “hefty challenge” first, then said it was because of the rain and shouldn’t be a red, then it was all Hogan’s fault for not keeping his cool.
          Where do they get these gombeens from?

      1. V


        And funnily enough I held back here, everywhere else got Tipp by two goals or more
        So rather than give the usual local hard heads hard on’s I went with the points diff when you asked for a call

        neither here nor there

        Hon’ the lads

          1. V

            Did ya make a few quid for yerself Be

            I’d say there were plenty lads on Betfair ready to take your money with a Tipp plus 5 quote

          2. B9Com From No

            I am abroad V
            Have an aversion to the online version so no
            Prefer to wager cash in person and take odds

            Gotta day if your financial consultancy is as good as your betting advice or ability to dissect a balance sheet you’ll soon be getting a new client…

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