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  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Is running over police now considered part of their culture? They’ll get a bad name if they keep this up.

    1. topsy

      ML. Youre gloating over such “culture” isn’t surprising, however it’s only two weeks since a garda was dragged 200mt by a car in Dublin. Fortunately the outcome was not so tragic.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          And the innocent lad in Castleblayney??!!! What about that couture?

          Well now. I could tell you things about that particular incident but one thing i can say, the behaviour of the local Garda up there following that incident is pretty appalling.

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Let’s just say that the widow of the deceased is have a nightmare of a time and other cctv footage has shown up a rather interesting perspective of Garda actions that night.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Lets hope that the British police and judicial system deals with this in a manner fitting for the scum from the caravans.

  2. martco

    I would have expected someone coming out of prison after a stretch would be a bit more trim, portion sizes must be massive in there no? meh suppose 22 months is just a blink really wha

    1. V

      Are we talking about Hairy the Humpty?
      Or he who cannot be named for legal reasons?
      Or Gary Sliotar?

      Same buck

      Yeah I’ve had a drink
      A few actually

      I’m over 21

      Savage moon out tonight

      So Sue Me Tom

      BTW, don’t feel for the ____k
      I’m certain lads will be lapping up every word he writes in no time

      1. martco

        “Gary Sliotar” lol

        can’t imagine many feeling for him V
        (he’s the only one doing the feeling)
        22 months is nothing, I’d love to understand the logic of sentencing?!?

      2. Clampers Outside

        Aye moon was really low, massive and yellow here earlier… and a clear sky to get a good look at it, well cool :)

    2. Cú Chulainn

      He’s gotten a whole lot bigger. Probably not allowed to leave his cell. God love that poor women. No wonder she gets terrible flashbacks. Imagine that lump on top you and you a child. We really have to deal with rapists coming out of prison much better. He should be tagged for life at the very least. The trust he broke, I’m not sure he should ever be allowed out of prison.

      1. eoin

        Yep, he learned from Larry Murphy by covering up his face with a fleece and hat.

        “Wearing light grey tracksuit bottoms and a pair of blue trainers, Humphries appears to have lost a lot of weight during his time behind bars.”

        Also, unlike the Larry Murphy release, the press didn’t follow him for hours afterwards.

        Professional respect, loike.

        1. V

          But shur’ they’d no problem with all his columns featuring underage camogie
          And him getting senior Inter County lads names wrong

          Or rallying around him when the
          More Sinned Against Than Sinning
          Made a show of himself

      2. martco

        I know it’s not a great comparison but when I hear about joke sentences like this I can’t help but think of the garlic vat fraud fella & THIS..it’s a mile off, dreadful & this business of concurrent sentencing I will never understand.

        I imagine he’d be leaving the country soon as he gets his passport.

        1. Lilly

          I’d say so. Apparently he learned Spanish in jail. What would you do in his shoes? He has to keep going I suppose. He could go to South America, if that’s possible for a convicted sex offender.

          1. martco

            “What would you do in his shoes?”

            oh…a dark dark question @Lilly!

            I can’t ever ever imagine that one, being in his shoes?? unless I suffered a catastrophic brain injury that somehow caused a failure that led to that kind of flip in behavior….hmmm nah I just can’t imagine it.

            I do know what I would want for him though. I wont go too far into it but large cliffs in Co. Clare are involved.

          2. Lilly

            I think that’s the true meaning of karma, that you have to live with yourself and the consequences of your actions. (Not that some deity in the sky will mete out a suitable punishment.) His life sentence is just beginning. Still, where there’s life there’s hope. He could spend the rest of his days in atonement but he probably thinks he did nothing wrong.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Nobody cares if you hurt a teenage girl because there’s lots of them and they’re pretty expendable (and shur she probably wanted it anyway), but hurt the money and you’ll be punished.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Press and hold until they become animated, then press the ‘x’ on each one you want to get rid of.

  3. some old unicorn

    Tut tutting from a gardaí source about a bad batch of drugs doing the rounds.

    “There is no such thing as a bad batch as far as senior Garda management is concerned,” he said. “That would imply that there is a good batch of ecstasy or other chemical substances and as far as gardaí are concerned there is no such thing in existence.”

    Because these youngsters are breaking a minor law does not exonerate gardaí from their responsibilities. No information given as to whiter it is a powder or pill, what street or nickname it has or even, just what it is supposed to be. Without fear of repercussions, an appeal should be made to come forward with information so that it can be taken out of circulation as quickly as possible.
    If people are dying or becoming seriously ill then there is a bad batch of something doing the rounds- end of. Tut tutting won’t be of any help to a grieving family.


    1. shayna

      I’m reminded of this quote from Woodstock “To get back to the warning that I’ve received, you might take it with however many grains of salt you wish, that the brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good. It’s suggested that you do stay away from that. Of course it’s your own trip, so be my guest.”

        1. shayna

          Funny you should mention Larne in Ni – I worked there for 6 months, it’s probably the horribilest, most bigotted town I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to visit – and I’ve been to Gateshead in England.

          1. some old unicorn

            And that is why I posted it, because you would have some idea of the locality.

            “As the day coincides with our important league game versus Ballymena United at Inver Park, our players will be wearing rainbow laces during the game, as a show of support to all races, religions and sexuality.”

            Well played Larne FC- leadership those paid to show do not.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    I just have to wonder what my google profile must be like: the two ads I keep getting are: it’s for women car insurance, and meet shameless girls. I never get that ad anywhere else. Maybe it’s because BS is full of shameless women. I don’t know.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      I get a lot of meet nice local Irish lads type ads.

      Or ads for Faithlegg hotel and the like. They clearly know about my penchant for snazzy hotels.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        id say that’s god’s way of telling you to be in the lobby of the faithlegg hotel at 8pm this evening – and wear something nice

        (you owe me, B ;)

  5. eoin

    First last week, there’s the shady Richard Bruton and his deals with Chinese and Chinese-backed fossil fuel companies to give them exploration licences off the south coast.

    And yesterday, a peripheral aspect of Regina Doherty’s illegality is the illegal production of 190 tonnes of plastic (1.9m excess PSC cards at 10g each).

    And today, according to Ben Haugh at the Times Ireland:

    “The Department of Agriculture spent €25,000 on a glossy magazine highlighting its action on tackling climate change. Last month 100,000 copies of the A to Z of Climate Action were distributed in the Irish Independent …”

    FG really care about the success of the Green party at the elections in May climate, you know.

  6. eoin

    Has a “rank and file” Garda really received €8 million for stamping visa forms? That’s what the Mail is suggesting. And has the investigation been ongoing for more than two years without a charge? Is it that difficult for the Gardai to check visa forms for irregularity?

    “Extra.ie can reveal that a major criminal investigation into the scam is now almost complete and developments are due imminently.

    The investigation is being led by local detectives, and the Garda National Immigration Bureau is also involved in the extensive probe.

    The garda ‘made some admissions’ when being quizzed by colleagues almost two years ago, Extra.ie understands. However, the officer has not been arrested.

    Gardai have been ‘painstakingly’ investigating the complex case since, and have been ‘shocked’ by the scale of the alleged crime.”

    1. Catherine costelloe

      Makes you wonder did this corrupt , greedy garda sign the Irisk residency card for Rachid Redoune ;- the terrorist responsible for London Bridge attack in 2017 that left 11 dead and 21 critically injured. A failed asylum seekers in UK in 2012 and he can stroll into Dublin ,marry an Irish lass and awarded an Irish residency card. There are far more serious consequences to corruptly signing forms than people realize.

  7. eoin

    How many hundreds of millions in compensation will Regina Doherty be responsible for, in payouts to people forced to apply to one of her infernal plastic PSC cards? The Irish Times above isn’t saying, but just to take that one chap who was denied a passport because he wouldn’t get a PSC, what is that worth? And what about the illegal collection of your data? What is that worth? €100 each for 1.9m people?

    Is Regina still studying the report which she only received in full on Thursday, even though she had it in draft form since last August [2018]?

    Has Leo called her yet to demand her resignation?

    1. eoin

      It seems Leo himself has read the report about the PSC. And is he now going to take steps to follow the law? Is he fupp, he now wants to change the law to make what is now illegal, legal.

      True blue, Leo, true blue.

  8. eoin

    RIP Peter Fonda. You might have been best known for “Easy Rider” but I enjoyed your “Race with the Devil” more.

    1. Clampers Outside

      RIP…. such a varied career of genres to his credit from b-movies and weird sci-fi to more standard fair dramas westerns etc… you never knew were ya going to be in for a good one or trashy flick :) (that’s a good thing, in my book)
      Last I saw him in was the super remake of 3:10 to Yuma and The Ballad of Lefty Brown.

      RIP that man Fonda

      1. shayna

        Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda co-wrote “EasyRider” – they had a life-long fall-out over credits and royalties. They were friends, now they’re both easy riding to where-ever. RIP, obvs!

  9. eoin

    The Irish Times is doing its bit for foreign drinks companies today. First, there’s an unpaid/unsponsored feature on the Guinness brewery in Dublin, which is, of course owned by British outfit, Diageo. Then there’s a “green” piece about Coca Cola’s efforts to confront its environmental terrorism in the use of plastic, apparently they’re recycling more than 25% of the plastic they produce these days. Isn’t that fanta(stic).

    No word about the billions of litres of Irish water these companies use each year, paying next to nothing for what Irish Water tells us is a precious resource.

    Will Leo be amending the mineral extraction legislation to stop the free commercial exploitation of our water?

    1. bisted

      …of all the weapons you would choose to confront the drinks industry, water usage would probably be the last…their latest wheeze seems to be backing the minimum price ‘iniative’…why wouldn’t they…get the government to introduce minimum pricing…reduce costs, boost profits and shackle competition while looking virtuous.
      If Diageo sourced their water from Dublin Bay you could bet that the quality would be pristine…

  10. f_lawless

    I heard that Oliver originally had plans for a cookbook full of freegan recipes but his associates said the idea left a bad taste in their mouths

  11. eoin

    Well, well, well. The Phoenix accuses loss-making RTE of suppressing stories about George Mitchell.

    “There is no report on RTÉ.ie. The latest mention is an interview with Mitchell on the Second Captains show last month as part of the lad’s Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson series. A look on social media shows the national broadcaster’s US Correspondent, Brian O’Donovan also didn’t manage a tweet on the subject. The news broke last Friday, just as RTÉ’s former Washington reporter, Caitriona Perry, had announced her new book on Irish American politics.”


    1. Johnny Green

      Probably because George is putting the finishing touches on a big libel suit for these ‘false’ allegations, he’s head DLA one the bigger US law firms, with a formidable litigation practice, c’mon George demand your day in court and clear your name, you have the resources…
      Not one person including his wife and kids, not one senator/congressman has publicly supported him, it these allegations are false then they must be defamatory….

      Well done Phoenix covering it.

      Nice story about the Wolf Tones in of all places the WSJ!

      1. eoin

        Hi Johnny, from Feile An Phobal to WSJ, there’s no stopping the Wolfe Tones.

        As for the Mitchell-Epstein connection, there also appears to be a reluctance in Irish media to link Epstein to Bill Clinton-in-drag painting (seen here)


        This, despite the fact there was previously extensive coverage, especially from RTE about a painting of Bill Clinton that otherwise had no news value.

        It seems there are some protected ones at RTE.

  12. V

    Up for the Match time

    A Kilkenny man A Corkman, a Limerick man and a Tipperary man are all climbing a mountain.
    On the way, the four lads starting throwing shapes and proclaiming how much they love their County.

    The Langer decides to prove his love and shouts ”This is for Cork” and jumps off the mountain to his death.
    Not to be out-martyred, of course the Limerick buck decides to do the same; “This is for Limerick” and jumps after the Langer.

    The Tipp bhoyo then says he is the most loyal of them all and shouts ”This for Tipp”

    And pushes the Kilkenny ___ker off the mountain.

    Hon’ Tipp

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      When was the last AI for Cork hurlers?
      Genuine question.
      Early 00’s?
      Certainly feels like an age….

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            I wonder is it a Camogie reference which would be funny as they are different sports….

          2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Is it any wonder when you were talking about the wrong sport Frillz….

          3. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Different sport, different rules Frillz, albeit similar.
            Like demanding your money back in Aldi for something you bought in Lidl.
            Here endeth the lesson.

          4. V

            Sure Bert

            ’cause taking a 45 is just like that

            Aldi v Lidl

            Remember there lads whan I said nothings’ changed

            Nothings’ changed

        1. Brother Barnabas

          well they weren’t, aren’t and won’t be

          no more than the cork hurlers are camogie players

  13. shayna

    I’m tipping Tipp to win – not that I know anything about hurling – we Tyronians would be more specialists in the bigger ball game. Kilkenny seem to be in good form this year, however?

          1. shayna

            Sorry – I’m actually quite nice. (apparently). I’m still astonished by Tyrone’s second-half display. They had beaten Kerry at half-time.

  14. lemmy

    What other country in the world would insist on making people use a card which is in breach of the law because they are so tight fisted that they will not make a public service card that complies with EU law
    Just cannot wait for the legal cases for compensation for breaches of privacy laws
    Its quite laughable really but in reality rather pathetic

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