116 Children Seriously Injured, Five Missing, Two Dead


Newstalk journalist Eoghan Murphy tweetz:

Tusla has been notified of 116 children being seriously injured in childcare services this year, along with five children going missing and two deaths – one in a childcare centre and one after being transferred to hospital. Breakdown of details [above], released under FoI.

Tusla records large rise in number of children seriously injured while in childcare services (Eoghan Murphy, Newstalk)

8 thoughts on “116 Children Seriously Injured, Five Missing, Two Dead

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It must be so frustrating for you, trying to improve people’s lives and having admin not know their bumbums from their elbows.

  1. thefatlad

    As the parent of a toddler directly effected in the Hyde and Seek scandal, I’ve found Tusla and their responses since and prior to be beyond incompetent. I have zero faith in them as an entity and widespread change or a tear down and start again needs to take place.

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