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  1. Cú Chulainn

    Jesus, but if that is how Bo Jo and his cabinet colleagues think business is done then not only is the UK fupped.. it’s doubly fupped. And our unionist friends up north are about to see their failed state disintegrate in fronting their eyes. Never before have so few done a greater harm to do many.

    1. eoin

      The British government signed declarations in 2017 and 2018. Now, Bojo is saying he, as head of the British govt, cannot continue to endorse those declarations.

      This evening, he is meeting with Angela Merkel to discuss Brexit. Tomorrow, he’s discussing Brexit with Macron. In September, he’s coming to Dublin to meet Leo to discuss Brexit. Yet, the first utterance from Bojo after being elected PM a month ago was that he would not meet EU leaders unless they had abandoned the backstop. Merkel, Macron and Leo are still 100% behind the backstop.

      And in 10 days, Bojo is throwing a strop by withdrawing British civil servants from meetings in Brussels.

      What a loser.

  2. V

    Ah listen t’ them

    They’re not a bit happy

    And the mad thing is
    If they’d have won
    They’d still be miserable

    Have ye ever heard a song song in a Nowlan Park get-together that wasn’t promoted by MCD or Aiken?

    You should have seen them in ’99
    You’d swear we even went into the dressing room and robbed their wallets the way they were carrying on

    Great tho’

    1. Ben Madigan

      11 AIs from 15 finals in last 20 years
      don’t think anyone in KK is miserable
      Leesiders however
      have little to sing about

      1. V

        And that doesn’t stop us

        The Langers
        Regards of the outcome

        Will always win the singsong

        We don’t even need an excuse to kick off a come-all-ya

        Btw Benny tisn’t all about the Men down in Cork
        Or just the Hurling

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Of course Sudbury Mommy’s little free range dorling would be called Clariana. I’m sure she’ll fit in well with Oscar and Fuinneog.

  4. Ads

    Cars are evil.
    We knew air pollution caused childhood asthma. Now it turns out to cause mental illness in city-dwellers.
    Cars are the tobacco of the 21st century. Complete with the same grip on the media via advertising spend.
    The sooner our cities become like Amsterdam, the better for our children.

        1. martco

          ah not me anyway, I lived there for a couple of years in the early 90’s, great place but I have responsibilities these days like.

          I’m not sure if Kinsale is close to you but if you can walk yourself down there you might be able to find someone with a sailboat to get ya over.

      1. martco

        they’ve more cars per capita than ourselves V
        AND even the Brits (per 2017 numbers)

        Netherlands – 487
        Brits – 471
        Ireland – 444

        US apparently is 811 so @Ads defo shouldn’t go next nigh or near the place

      2. f_lawless

        “Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030; by 2021 diesel cars that are 15 years or older will be banned; Public buses and coaches that emit exhaust fumes will no longer enter the city centre from 2022; All traffic within the built-up area must be emission-free by 2030 under the Clean Air Action plan”
        Naturally, the automotive industry lobbyists aren’t happy.

        1. martco

          @f_lawless, we’ll see, will be interesting to see how this progresses.
          the Dutch do have a fair track record of radical change & ideas, no doubt. so if anyone could handle this it’s them. but in addition they already possess one of the best public transport systems anywhere in the established universe & a cycling road network that other countries can only dream of. and they had all of that back in the 1980’s!
          (we could do well to remember that when the guffing aspirational electioneering kite nonsense about having 840,000 ecars on the road in 10 years from now gets oxygen. 84,000 more like. I’ve offered @Listrade a bet on that, lets see ;)

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Huh? Other than a few pedestrian streets and and canals in the core of the city there’re cars al over the place in Amsterdam.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Regina and Pascal in a competition to see who will be Ireland’s hide-and-seek champion 2019.

    1. eoin

      Seven days since both Regina and Pascal had the final report which revealed the illegal mass surveillance of citizens. And both have gone to ground. [Insert GIF of Laurel and Hardy running from the cops]

      And the Examiner reports above that Pascal told a falsehood by claiming he didn’t see a draft of the report last August (a year ago, 2018). Well done to the Examiner for pursuing records at the Department of Finance and Public Expenditure which has caught Pascal out.

      “Last Friday Mr Donohoe told RTÉ in the aftermath of the commissioner’s announcement that he had been briefed that morning by his officials on the report’s “key points”.

      Today’s revelations in the Irish Examiner indicate that he had been briefed on the findings of a draft report at least 12 months earlier.”

      1. Cian

        Technically being briefed on the report’s “key points” is difference from seeing the draft. But it is very disingenuous to say he hadn’t seen it.

        Does 9or did) his department (DFRE) require anyone to use the PSC?

  6. GiggidyGoo

    And he denies that it was an elbow to the head – despite the video records. About time there was a clampdown on the thuggery that can rear its head in hurling.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      KK have played on the edge ever since Cody took over. Very few in the media are prepared to call it, but they are a dirty team. Bullies always complain when they are challenged. Fingers (broken) crossed they are gone for a good while.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      Goes in like a steam train and at the last minute the elbow pops up I mean, it’s was a sending off every day of the week.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Oh look – Maria Bailey was chair of two more committees. (one of them was a committee about….committee chairs)

    So that was €9000+ x 3 on top of her dail salary.

    It would be nice to get a listing of committees, their chairs etc. and see who is sucking the public purses teats with multiple ‘jobs’

    1. eoin

      So, Leo removed her as chair of housing committee, but kept her as chair of the ETHICS committee! And now, Maria herself has decided to resign from the ethics committee. Why did Leo leave her as chair of a committee which polices standards of behaviour when it was her behaviour, exaggerating her compo claim which was at the root of her difficulties.

      1. V

        I’ll try and craft an answer

        Maybe Leo didn’t know what Committees the useless bint was on
        The party whips probably only told him about the most high profile one so that he could be seen to be doing something

        Also, since it’s a minority gobbermint
        More jobs available for a smaller pool
        I’d say they – blueshirt backbenchers, all have a few committee top ups

        See Eoin
        Sometimes answering
        Even if you’re just giving it a lash can be more craic than just spraying out questions

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If they’d returned them unsold, it would have hit McGregor’s pocket, rather than wasting it like that.

  8. eoin

    Jebus, the Irish human rights commission had to take Daft.ie to the Workplace Relations Commission, where Daft.ie was represented by Arthur Cox to defend its scummy conduct. Daft lost.

    “I find, pursuant to Section 25(4) of the Acts, that the complainant [the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission] has established a prima facie case of discrimination [by Daft.ie] on the grounds of family status, age and on the rent allowance ground which the respondent has failed to rebut and I am also satisfied that the respondent in permitting these advertisements to be displayed on its website has breached Section 12 of the Equal Status Acts. ”


    1. Chuckenstein

      And that was only after a direct request to daft.ie failed to resolve the situation. WRC was a last resort.

      1. eoin

        And all that great PR yesterday morning, carried on the front pages of all the main papers and the headline story on RTE about the Daft rent report. The report based on *asking prices*, not actual rents. The report based on a *tiny sample* of the 300,000+ properties being rented in the private sector. A report which is of highly questionable value, especially when you have landlords who won’t use Daft because of its reputation.

        Aren’t the Daft rent and sales prices reports usually published on the 1st of the month? Did they specifically hold back yesterday’s effort to try to offset the damage of its scumminess being successfully challenged by the human rights commission?

        1. Cian

          It was a quarterly report.
          Q2 2019 report was published on 20th Aug.
          Q1 2019 on 12th May
          Q4 2018 on 10th Feb
          Q3 2018 on 12th Nov
          Q2 2018 on 17th Aug

          So not hugely different to the last Q2 report.

          (It’s safe to take off your tinfoil hat)

  9. eoin

    Where’s Richard Bruton, the shady minister who said he will sign the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan “next month [September]” with a consortium led by an American private equity group which features Denis O’Brien.

    The NBP report yesterday calls for a halt to the plan until alternatives are investigated. What does Bruton say.

    Funny how every single FG member of the committee voted against the report yesterday. Yet, the majority voted in favour of the report.

  10. eoin

    Boris wants the UK to independently forge ahead with a trade deal with the US [despite senior Republicans and Democrats saying they won’t do a deal if it threatens peace in Northern Ireland].

    But Boris can’t even get the USA to grant a visitor’s visa to his squeeze to enter the USA. Simply because she visited the breakaway territory of Somaliland in east Africa in an aid giving capacity? Seems very strange, but exposes the myth of the “special relationship”. So special the USA won’t give out a visa which most of you can get at the drop of a hat.

  11. eoin

    The useless Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland says it is clamping down on internet companies and their claims about speeds and data allowances.

    The ASAI refuses to investigate complaints about ads by state agencies, which, on certain RTE programmes make up nearly 50% of the advertisers.

    This stands in contrast with the UK where the equivalent body does police all ads, including those by state agencies.

    The ASAI. What a useless organisation.

  12. some old unicorn

    On the Muslim girl being attacked in Dundrum story

    Gardaí – “The investigation will determine the motive behind these incidents,” the spokesperson said. “At this time the incidents are not believed to be racially motivated. Investigations are continuing.”

    If a nun’s veil or Coronet was ripped off, would that not be automatically categorised as a hate crime? Tearing off any religious garment is by definition- a hate crime.

    But- according to the Irish Council of Civil Liberties (ICCL)- “…Ireland is “seriously deficient” when it comes to addressing hate crime in the state.” The highest ranking of attacks against people from sub-Saharan African background and the second highest against transgender people in Europe.

    And that is not even considering the whole area of incitement- no wonder some feel they can say what they want.


    1. martco

      if you ask me @SOQ its all about the upbringing no matter whether it’s “fancy” places like Dundrum or those less pimped by the property pron sections. I see the difference even within my own family circle, some great kids & some I wouldn’t remotely want under my roof. Parenting. Values. same as it ever was.
      there was a fine example on one of the chitter feeds branched off that particular incident – some young Mexican lad being racially abused by a pair of perfectly coiffed 14y/o? princesses after having his headphones damaged, allegedly – whatever the details they just looked & behaved like wild animals to me – Parenting. Values. same as it ever was (now just being captured for your viewing (dis)pleasure to the gallery of social media)

    2. eoin

      If someone tore off the kippah from a Jew, and then 100 yards down the road, tore off the cornette from a nun, then 100 yards further down the road, tore off the hijab from a Muslim, and a 100 yards further tore off the Justin Bieber baseball cap off a teenie, then the Gardai might conclude there’s no specific religion being targeted. And in Dundrum, there were a series of public order incidents by, apparently, the same group, which is presently leading the Gardai to believe the attack on the hijab wasn’t religiously motivated.

      A lot of people cried “wolf” yesterday. They’re looking silly today.

        1. eoin

          The report by RTE about the Garda statement was linked in the thread on Dundrum yesterday evening (and ignored).

          You can read what happened there. Yes, there was more than one incident.

        2. some old unicorn

          There is no link to RTE and searching rte.ie does not produce any relevant results. The tweet from An Garda Síochána also does not mention anything about other incidents.

          As for discussing the subject- I merely reposted from journal.ie and stated that if religious attire is forceably removed then is a hate crime. Now do you have a link which states that it was one in a series please?

        3. some old unicorn

          Ok sorry found the link- you are correct.

          2 points.

          I expect the reason why Gardaí sent that tweet was because one or more of the alleged attackers had been named on twitter?

          That other assaults happened, even by the same gang, does not rule out a hate crime. If for example I was a victim of a homophobic attack, which I have been, and if one or more these people use homophobic words during. which they did, then it is a registered hate crime- irrespective of what they done before or after.

          Registering of hate crimes is crucially important because it is then weighted against conviction rates- a Gardaí and/or legal system KPI if you like.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            YAY! Happy Bill Murray day folks.

            And remember;
            For relaxing time, make it Santori time

    1. eoin

      It’s not Al Porter’s birthday. He was born 6 January 1993, making him 26 years of age today.

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