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Further to hi-tech scoring shenanigans at Sunday’s All-Ireland hurling final,

Colm Callanan tweetz:

Anyone know if Hawkeye can detect if a ball has passed a certain point or just tracks the flight path the ball takes or both?


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11 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. julian

      That’s tougher than you think. A forward pass is not “forward” in relation to the pitch, but also includes the forward momentum of the passer. I’m not sure hawkeye can be easily geared to accurately calculate that, without some sort of sensor-glove on each player. It’s also not a massive issue – many of the recent “controversial” forward passes are either perfectly legal, or much closer to 50/50 but people slightly misunderstand the rules and see an “obvious” forward pass.

      1. Robert

        that’s the first time I’ve heard that wrt momentum – I always thought it was a straight line across the pitch corresponding to where the ball is.

  1. reidman

    There is enough time lost messing about in scrums without more delays, it’ll be like an nfl game with constant interruption, most blatant forward passes are caught, a big part of the game is how you engage with the ref and his team and accept the decision and play on, not like soccer when everyone is bleating for var.

    Anyway, the original post was about stick fighting

  2. Iwerzon

    Personally, if a keeper has the athleticism and dexterity to save a sliotar from going over the bar I think it should be noted as a save and play on.

  3. Dunno

    The whole of the ball or sliotar needs to cross the line. How does Hawkeye differentiate that the hand and ball crossed or just part of the hand or ball?

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