Exact Change Only


Who’s driving this bus?

This morning.

Double decker-loving tykes help unveil a recruitment drive launched by Dublin Bus to encourage prospective women bus drivers.

Of the 2,550 drivers working for Dublin Bus only 97 are women.


‘Give it a spin’ – Dublin Bus wants more women drivers (RTÉ)

Pics via Cathal O’Sullivan (Newstalk)


During an item on the recruitment drive on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning, Vivienne Kavanagh, Dublin Bus Employee Development and Equality Executive, was asked about pay.

Ms Kavanagh said:

“It starts at about €630 a week. And that’s a four-day week, inclusive of shift and Sunday premium so they’re working late shifts on Thursdays, over weekends. And then you move up onto a five-day week which is about €860.”

Further to this…

Listen back to the Morning Ireland item in full here

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17 thoughts on “Exact Change Only

  1. eoin

    Wasn’t Miriam O’Callaghan (€299,000 from RTE in 2016, excludes clothing and grooming allowances and the rake of fees for public speaking, MC-ing and appearances) personally complaining about rents today. Maybe RTE needs to give her Baby Blue Productions Limited a pay rise.

    1. dhaughton99

      A nearly punched the radio yesterday, listening to her giggling about catalytic convertors being cut from peoples cars.

      1. Ian-O

        That’s because she a talent-less clown who is utterly out of touch with reality.

        Anyway, anyone who signs up for his better have a back up plan for the next decade or two because driverless vehicles will be with us sooner rather than later.

      1. V

        I probably wouldn’t have the patience

        But it’s definitely an equal opportunity job, and like apprenticeships, it’s a solid career option for anyone who isn’t academic

    1. V

      Dublin definitely need the pressure bands – like in London

      Although I would look at investing 500m in a massive scale Cooperative Housing / long term tenancy Programme in Dublin
      again like in London

      The city is going to eat itself by Christmas

      I have a clients now, Irish, in the 50 to 120K bracket living in Wales and in the Severn Estuary area, and in the Liverpool/ Whirral – deliberately
      and commuting/ hot desking
      You’ll not get bus drivers, bin collectors, teachers, payroll clerks, hospital porters, whatever-you’re-having-yourself labour needs that a Capital City needs to function doing that

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        yup I have mates commuting from Liverpool and a lovely gaff they have there too, plus affordable weekends

  2. Paulus

    A mate in the late 60s used to do double shifts as bus conductor with old CIE, then sleep in bus and wash in the depot, he would rent a bedsit for the cold months and occasionally kip with friends. But he certainly avoided about 5 months rental.

    1. V

      I actually have a former client (Dublin Bus driver – gentleman actually) who does back to back shifts and lives with his mam three days a week, and then goes back to his own family home in Westmeath

  3. Shane Duffy

    You think that’s bad? Guess how many women collect our bins, sweeps our streets? We should stamp out this discrimination immediately. Women Binmen Now!

  4. Termagant

    Golly imagine not having a gender-balanced public transport fleet
    We’ll be the laughing stock of all the up-and-coming metropoles
    You know what else is diabolical? Look at those children

    All white

    I could spit

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