‘Sometimes People Come Into The Hospital Housed And Leave Homeless’


St James’s Hospital, Dublin

Journalist Sean Finan, in The Dublin Inquirer, reports:

Between 20 to 25 people are being discharged into homelessness every week from St James’s Hospital, says Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh, clinical lead of the Inclusion Health Service.

In 2014, Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Alan Kelly, and Minister of State Paudie Coffey said they would put in place a formal discharge protocol so that “as far as possible, no patient will be discharged into homelessness”.

Sometimes people come into the hospital housed and leave homeless, says Ní Cheallaigh – a situation facing a sick patient at the moment, whose wife has just died while he’s been in hospital, and who just lost his private-rental apartment, too.

“Now he’s facing homelessness for the first time after leaving hospital,” says Ní Cheallaigh.

As He Grows Sicker, One Man Cycles Between Homelessness and Hospital Beds (Sean Finnan, The Dublin Inquirer)


3 thoughts on “‘Sometimes People Come Into The Hospital Housed And Leave Homeless’

  1. Ron

    And that appalling and disgusting treatment of citizens is another direct effect of the impotent Irish electorate not having the kahunas to stand up for whats right and finally taking the political filth to task for their incompetence and complete inability to do the job required. That man, who probably contributed to the state all his life is left on the street. The Irish electorate did that to him. this country is what it majority votes. The majority vote for incompetence and ineptitude so it tells you what the Irish are

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