From top: Ryanair pilots strike outside Dublin Airport last October; Fórsa’s deputy general secretary Matt Staunton, national secretary Angela Kirk, and head of communications Bernard Harbor outside the High Court this morning

Helen Coffey, in The Independent UK, reports:

A planned strike by Ryanair’s Irish pilots will not go ahead this week after a ruling from the Dublin High Court was issued this morning.

The Irish court said it would grant Europe’s biggest airline an injunction to prevent a 48-hour stoppage beginning on 22 August.

Justice McDonald said he would restrain the union “from directly or indirectly, organising, directing or endorsing their members to participate in a strike on 22 and 23 August 2019”.

Ryanair strikes: Irish pilots’ walkout scrapped after High Court ruling (Helen Coffey, The Independent UK)


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8 thoughts on “Struck Down

  1. jockey

    Picking one of the busiest weeks of the year for family holidays with young kids was a particularly cruel way of getting their message across. I would’ve had compassion for them if they’d waited a few weeks, but they seem to be as ruthless as their employers when it comes to how they treat their customer base.

  2. eoin

    “Fórsa hadn’t allowed for the mediation process to be completed before announcing the strike, and claimed the walkout would be in breach of an agreement made between the airline and the union last year”

    eejits at the union. You’d think for their 100 grand salaries, they’d learn the fuppin rules.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      That agreement is a separate issue, according to the union. And shur Ryanair would never twist things!!

  3. Prof.Fart

    big corporation is always going to win in an Irish court. I just don’t know how you can legally stop a strike? surely they can literally just not show up to work, and go on strike anyway.

    1. Prof.Fart

      whatchya guna do? arrest scores of pilots? certainly not what Ryanair want. They need them flying planes.

      1. Jonjo

        I’m not sure what your argument is anymore?

        I don’t think striking is an arrestable offence, unless they are causing an obstruction.

        But if you strike correctly and legally, you are protected from disciplinary action from your employer. If not, you’re not afforded that same protection in law.

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