We Ava Pair Of Winners


Vera Twomey

Yesterday, I asked you to recall your most memorable memory with marijuana – either for medicinal purposes or among friends on a warm beanbag.

On offer were two copies of Vera Twomey’s book ‘For Ava‘ which deals largely with medicinal cannabis.

You replied in your tens (some upset that the recreational component of the ‘erb was aired, as they were perfectly entitled to).

But there could be only TWO winners.

Millie Vanilly Strikes Again writes:

My best experience with the (medicinal) herb is my mother discovering what CBD could do for her chronic pain, and opening her mind to cannabis as a useful drug as opposed to the traditional ‘gateway drug’.

Seeing her come home from a trip to Amsterdam, pain free and having actually slept a full night (something she rarely achieves without heavy sedatives) after availing of the coffee shop services in the Netherlands was truly eye opening.

My own most memorable experience of the herb (recreational) is from EP [Electric Picncic] five or so years ago, and having my first ‘proper’ reefer and getting so delirious with laughter that I couldn’t speak and being convinced that the Eye of Sauron was just outside our tent (it was not).

Slightly Bemused writes:

“I once worked with an older lady (well, to me back then. I may have caught up on her age of that time). She had severe arthritis and could hardly move. But each day she said she rubbed cannabis oil on her hands and knees, or she could not even get out of bed.

I did not think it could be used that way, at the time.

She was also known to have a quick joint in the evenings (not each one: she said only when it got real bad.) we had some fun situations.

I never used the oil, but my joints are certainly asking for help in the mornings these days. Deep Heat works for now. While I have never smoked, I am sure I breathed in the atmosphere of the room on more than one occasion.’

Thanks all.

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Thanks eoin

20 thoughts on “We Ava Pair Of Winners

  1. eoin

    “Just been advised
    For Ava is the best-selling Irish published non-fiction book this week. — feeling happy”

    tweets Vera.


    So, you don’t need to get on RTE’s Sean O’Rourke/Miriam show or Newstalk’s Pat Kenny skit to make your book a best seller…. [poor Alan Shatter, probably sobbing alone in the fort he made of all his unsold copies]

    1. Pip

      As Geldof said about riches in the music biz, there’s both less than you think and more than you can possibly imagine. So very good to see that Vera will not be building a fort of unsold copies. Off to get mine now.

  2. Louis Lefronde

    It’s moving up the Bestselling list in Hodges Figgis. The only way is up!!!! No doubt the “Fine Gawkers” will be livid at how Vlad and Harris are portrayed… but they deserve it for being jerks!

  3. millie vanilly strikes again

    Thanks lads! Off on me holliers in a few weeks so I’ll be having a read then.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks, folks! I shall enjoy this greatly.

    And great news about the bestseller news.

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