The Price of A Just Society


Twenty four big ones.

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14 thoughts on “The Price of A Just Society

    1. Archie

      So David, is it fine to share said bedroom with 3 other people in bunk beds as stated in the advert. That is if you even get a call back to arrange a viewing.

      1. Col

        God, that’s grim.
        9 people currently live there.
        The bedroom will be shared by 4 people.
        This is how working adults live in Ireland in 2019.

  1. V

    Incorrect @petecoleman11

    One would need more than €29,000 to afford to provide €24,000 in a 12 month period

  2. Ron

    If the silly Irish electorate aren’t going to take a stand and have the kahunas to actually stand up and deal with the incompetence and ineptitude of the political tootle pootles when they were actually causing the environment that is KILLING citizens. Corporate manslaughter is what it’s called. If the silly Irish won’t draw a line over the cervical cancer scandal, they are not going to do anything about 24,000 euro a year rents.

    Disgusting and disgusting probably is the best words to describe the Irish electorates behaviour for allowing this to happen to their children and grandchildren and the political rumpty tumkins who have been overdosing on the money trough in sugar candy mountain.


    1. Prof.Fart

      how they still have any support is beyond me. how can people see their weekly scandals and keep supporting them? it must be selfishness. once people aren’t effected directly themselves they don’t care. “im alright, jack”

  3. Joe Murphy

    Hey Ron!, perhaps it will take a Brexit induced recession to stir the electorate enough to flush the FFG ordure into the sewers where they belong!

  4. fez

    Can I just point out that while it’s still stupidly expensive, no students should be paying 2000 a month each, they need a room, not the whole gaff.

    1. Ron

      Is that what you took from that article? Sweet mother of divine baby Jesus, it makes sense now why Ireland is such a faeces ridden political freak show

  5. Chris

    I don’t know anyone in Ireland paying €2000 in rent- this kind of hyperbole makes me switch off from the PBP/workers party gang- they have no credibility.

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