They Came Up Against A Wall


Cancer sufferer John Wall (above) has secured a meeting with the Minister for Health

John Wall has been living with Stage 4 prostrate cancer for the past two years.

Over the last few weeks, Mr Wall has been tweeting about how his emergency medical card had been revoked eight months after he received it, despite the Department of Health website previously claiming such cards would be valid for 18 months.

Mr Wall, an air traffic controller at Shannon Airport, complained to the Ombudsman Peter Tyndall and recently claimed the office attempted to close his case without advising him or addressing his concerns.

And he kept on tweeting, gathering followers with every tweet.

Yesterday John was  told how he now has a meeting with the Minister for Health Simon Harris will take place next month, the Office of the Ombudsman is now carrying out a complete review and all his complaints have been upheld.

In fairness.

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6 thoughts on “They Came Up Against A Wall

  1. eoin

    Ireland 2019, where you suffering from Stage 4 cancer and can’t get medical treatment and you have to resort to Twitter to garner sympathy, likes and followers and …….. eventually, the minister will take notice.

  2. John Wall

    Love the title!
    Thanks so much for the support. I’m relatively new to this Twitter thingy but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Going to keep at this until a positive result is yielded & enen then I’ll probably be lurking in the background somewhere

    Thanks, John.


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