Crying Chairless


Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

Paul Lappin Estates offer a €650pm Studio 6, 80 NCR. The smallest I’ve featured & kitchen photos suggest non-compliance with A.7 Min Standards Regs 2017. There’s not even a seat. @dccprivaterent how are these on the market?

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16 thoughts on “Crying Chairless

  1. Gah!

    If someone went to view that flat and battered the greedy landlord, they’d get much larger accommodation in jail.

    1. Paulus

      I had assumed ( perhaps wrongly) that the fan was a vain attempt at an extraction fan for the cooker:
      It could suck the warm fumes into the cupboard above. These could later be released for warmth by opening the doors. A Dragon’s Den moment?

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I was going to say we’ve reached peak-rental-crisis but there’ll be a similar one again soon…with no window.

  3. eoin

    How much did the Fallon brothers get their grubby hands on for that listing – €175 (featured rental ad), €95 (premium, high priority) or €45 (standard rental listing)?

    “THE millionaire Fallon brothers have shared a further €8m dividend windfall with other shareholders from their online group of companies this year and last year… The revenues include the income generated by the and the Done Deal websites. “

    Total tooty pants.No wonder the human rights commissioner took legal action against the website (and won).

    1. Cian

      Human rights commissioner took an action against daft for not stopping landlords discriminating against certain people.

      Landlords were saying: “Would suit professional or family” – and this is naughty, you can’t discriminate against non-professionals, or single people.

      daft didn’t do enough to remove this type of ad.

  4. some old unicorn

    NCR is renown for professional landlords whom when you meet them- can sing the poor mouth in at least five languages. Now you can blame investment funds and you can blame immigration but one thing is for sure- those scumbags own the same buildings from at least the early eighties- the only thing that has changed is the rent.

    No wonder gemtrails ‘n co is gathering traction- but I am pretty sure there is a section within FG who are quite pleased about that.

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