Meanwhile, At The Embassy of Brazil



This afternoon.

Harcourt Centre, Charlotte Way, Dublin 2.

Brazilian activists – and others – stage a harmonious protest INSIDE the Brazil embassy at their government’s response to recent Amazon rainforest fires.

Taoiseach says Ireland won’t vote for Mercosur deal if Amazon fires continue (RTÉ)

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Thanks Aaron Dwyer

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14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Embassy of Brazil

      1. Brother Barnabas

        a lot of the “Brazilians” in Dublin have Portuguese citizenship, so nothing at all wrong with Brazil-born

  1. john f

    It’s nice to see the Trinity students getting out and about and getting some snaps for Facebook as well!
    If there really wanted to make an environmental difference. Perhaps they could stage a “singsong” inside the EU offices to protest the trade deal with South American countries that have relatively few environmental protections when compared to European nations. That will directly cause thousands of acres of forest to be stripped of trees and repurposed for agricultural exports.
    Then there is environmental damage caused by transporting all the products from one side of the globe to the other.

  2. Free Comment

    Sing song?

    As EU consumers, don’t buy Brazilian beef or any other products unless certified by groups such as Rainforest Alliance.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      or a sing song, which puts the issue on media outlets like BS and gets more people talking about it

      as well as not buying meat from brazil

  3. rupert

    Cheap beef comes at a price
    Just clearing land for farming
    I do not see the problem
    Apparently one breath in five is thanks to the rain forests so if we all skip one in five we will be just grand

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