Yes We Have No Bananas


This afternoon.

Beside the Four Courts, Dublin 7.

Workers and supporters celebrating the last day of the Dublin Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Once the centre of fruit distribution in Dublin, the market closes today for “refurbishment” bidding farewell to stallholders who regularly promised oranges as “big as your head and twice as juicy”.


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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

5 thoughts on “Yes We Have No Bananas

  1. Gabby

    Whatever changes they make to the old market they should try to get many of the old salts back into the place. Central Dublin without its sharp-tongued working class would lose something that money can’t buy. I hope the mistakes that Paris made when it ‘redeveloped’ the famed les Halles near the ancient St. Eustace church won’t be replicated by the Dublin redevelopment. In Paris they built a submerged shopping mall at les Halles, which to casual visitors looks like any shopping mall in the world. I understand there are official misgivings about what happened and plans are afoot to redevelop the redevelopment.

  2. Aine de Paor

    Our father was a market gardener back in the day in Clontarf & if you were doing your bit you’d be invited to go to the markets. It was a very early morning adventure that began with delivering his lettuce or tomatoes & ended with a sticky bun & lemonade. Really wonderful memories….

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