Victims Of Market Forces



Dublin’s Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market between Capel Street and Smithfield in Dublin 7 will close today, after being open for 127 years, to make way for a redevelopment which is expected to take two years.

Last week RTÉ reported that a compensation package for the last remaining stallholders at the market was believed to involve up to €5million.

A tender for the redevelopment will be put out next month.


Gaz Smith, of Michael’s restaurant on Mount Merrion in Dublin, has tweeted that he has seen the council’s planned redevelopments…

He’s tweeted…


Dublin’s Victorian market closes after 127 years (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)

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11 thoughts on “Victims Of Market Forces

  1. Optimus Grime

    Yeah I hope they realise not only the heritage of the site but the potential of it to be great asset to the people and businesses in the area.

  2. Jonjo

    Hopefully they do a good job of this.

    Pity it looks like the Iveagh Market will be a typical redevelopment. Probably hotel and offices :-(

  3. Prof.Fart

    hard to see a good job being done when every building constructed over the last while (hotels etc) all look like insanely dull ’90s buildings. the architects involved should be shot for how theyve changed the face of this old city.

  4. lolly

    Gaz seems to be involved (in an advisory capacity i suspect). he is ‘giddy’ with excitement he says I trust him completely so am cautiously hopeful.

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