Please Take A Seat


This morning.

At the Irish Film Institute, on Eustace Street, Dublin 2.

Refurbishment work is beginning on Cinema 1 and the cinema’s folks tweetz:

Our cinema seats will be available to collect in several pieces which will make them easier to carry. We would still recommend using a car for pick up!

If anyone is looking to take a seat you’re free to come on down. They’ll be available to take shortly!

The seat, back, arms, base and bolts are all separate. It’s a Frankenseat of your very own!

Refurb 2019 (IFI)

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7 thoughts on “Please Take A Seat

        1. paul

          I love a good drive-by myself but to drop something and stick around, nerves of steel. The seats in screen 1 could soak up a lot of noise.

          1. Mr.Fart

            Cinema 4DX is the best for masking the sound, and any smell you could put down to “the 4D experience”

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