Your Dogs On Dog Day



Seán writes:

This is Scout – she is a Lab\Collie cross – a Labrolly :) . Her favourite things in the world are tennis balls, toast, and running in the woods. Happy International Dog Day!


Max at the beach wondering why his human is stupid enough to swim in the sea in Norway in December. Other human concurs.

Janet writes:

Kitcha the Jackie (right) aka The Boss and Leo… All the best to all at BS towers It’s actually sunny!

Vanessa writes:

Jessie with added Chemtrails. Happy dog day.

Lois writes:

Macy the dog and Jacob the baby living the dream…

More to follow.

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6 thoughts on “Your Dogs On Dog Day

  1. eoin

    “International dog day”?

    Is it true next Sunday marks the start of the new bi-annual “International cat month”?

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