A Day Late And A Collar Short




Too late for International Dog Day?

Busy sleeping?

Never mind.

Fionnuala writes;

Delphi is my wonderful rescue dog. She’s living her best life and is a champion snoozer. Would love to see her photo on Broadsheet on the day after the most auspicious of (dog) days)….

Yesterday: We Paws Now

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6 thoughts on “A Day Late And A Collar Short

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    wishing you many happy years with this one looks like a real cutie,
    always so happy to see rescues,
    especially Jackie’s, people make the mistake of thinking they are handy small dogs when they are relentless big smart personalities and they get given up in too often,
    super rewarding dogs, once ye go Jackie ye won’t go back !

    1. Vake Off

      Jackies aren’t great around smallies

      and they can be very saucy
      there is a lad next door to me here
      He’d be into my knicker drawer if he could

      But all Terriers need handling so don’t make good pets for young families

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        mine is great with kids,
        they get a bad rep because they need lots of exercise and stimulation to be at their best and socialised early

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