Behold: the 1966 Land Rover Series IIA, but not just any old 1966 Land Rover Series IIA.

This was the official vehicle of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, whose brother Tenzin Cheogyal drove it for many years on the roads of Dharamsala.

In 2005, Cheogyal donated the vehicle to the Dalai Lama Foundation in Palo Alto, California to raise funds for Tibetan refugees. 14 years later, it returns to the market for private sale. Completely restored but with original seats, tyres, interior trim and full documentation, it’s yours for between €90,000 and €135,000.


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14 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. missred

    This is very much like a Land Rover a fella I went out with had, we had a few tumbles in it from time to time. May have mentioned this here a few months ago and got some a bit hot under the bonnet

        1. Paulus

          Fair play; I wouldn’t have thought there was an inch of tumble-friendly surface…especially down the back?

    1. Johnny Green

      -have a ’96 Defender tricked out-great beach car,love it but the AC/Heat ain’t worth a ….

      1. eoin

        I thought you might Johnny! Just hook up a pair of fans with an on/off heating element and you’ll be grand.

        1. Johnny Green

          Thanks Eoin,the front has these funky “vests” that you manually operate,increases the air flow,but with windows down and roof (it’s not open top) window / light open it’s totally fine.
          No V but I did have a 70’ s burnt orange Bronco which was lifted and had massive sub-that didn’t last too long-total douche truck :)

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Thanks for the link, eoin. I had already decided never to buy another Renault: this just adds to that determination. And gives me a question to ask if ever I do get around to buying a hybrid or electric car.

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