‘Pigeons of Discontent’.

Dublin 7 Vs flying rodents pigeons!

By Paddy Cahill, who writes:

Taking inspiration from an article by Cónal Thomas in the always excellent Dublin Inquirer, I made a short documentary about the seemingly contentious Pigeons of Stoneybatter…

It looks at the local Pigeon population while we hear some impassioned opinions from some of the neighbourhoods residents….

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30 thoughts on “Pigeontrification

  1. Mr.Fart

    i always find it abhorrently arrogant, heartless and entitled to call for the culling of completely harmless birds like pigeons and seagulls. People only want to do it because the noise they make in the morning, or if they’re plopping on things or ripping bin bags. Well they were here first, and these are very minor inconveniences, to call on the destruction of them in numbers just because of this should warrant you a smack in the gob. I’ve seen supposedly “woke” people wanting to cull seagulls, including vegetarians. Seems like you can chose what youre woke about. But if a bird is making a noise in the morning.. kill it. *eye roll*

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      No actually it’s not just that they’re ‘an inconvenience’.

      They are a rooty-toot, tinky tonky menace. We have seagulls nesting on the roofs of the houses in our estate and they are vicious bastards. They have attacked children playing in the estate on more than one occasion. I get that they have fledglings and it’s only instinct, but when they attack my daughter or the two year old boy playing on his trike my instinct is to have them shot i.e. attack them back.

      They’ve also attacked people out walking their dogs, which shows they aren’t limiting their attacks to small children and animals.

      If this were just a noise issue, it would be laughable. But it’s more than that and seeing as I live in the area where they are suggesting the cull, I think I can safely say that a cull is fairly well supported, because the local seagull population can absolutely withstand it.

      1. B9Com From No

        I’m a honky tonk man
        And I can’t seem to stop
        I love to give the girls a whirl
        To the music of an old jukebox
        And now my money’s all gone
        On the telephone
        Singing hey hey momma
        Can your Daddy come home

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          It’s because I said the effing eff word.

          They can’t handle my UTTERLY FILTHY language.

      2. Mr.Fart

        you let on they’re patrolling the streets and dishing out attacks willy-nilly to all and sundry. Attacks are pretty rare, and in any case, a few attacks does not warrant killing a species en mass. If it’s an issue in certain areas, use your advanced human minds to figure out a solution, instead of just going straight to killing. We’re not americans.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          A cull is not a mass execution. It’s a cull of numbers. A reduction.

          And as I said, I think I’ll go with my own experience where seagulls were attacking the kids in the estate on a regular basis for simply playing on their bikes in the evening. My daughter is five, her friends are younger than that, and some of the kids are as young as two.

          I’m not sure if you live in one of these areas but as I said, I do. And they are a persistent problem. Do you think locals haven’t tried other, more workable solutions? Do you think I’m alone in my complaints? I’m not.

          1. Cú Chulainn

            In France and Germany the local authorities put out food for the birds with birth control included. Fewer birds and better, and cleaner, than trying to find the many carcasses following a cull.

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            That’s a great solution, but as it is in my local area it’s widely acknowledged that it has gone beyond that and it’s a pity.

            For all I sound like a gun toting lunatic, it’s a real problem, and not just for entitled mammies like me.

          3. Mr.Fart

            iv someone killed my family but then explained to me they weren’t killed, they were in fact, culled. I think they would remain as dead as first perceived. Culling doesn’t mean castrating them. Theyre not snippin gull mickeys, they slaughter them. Gulls aren’t gettin together and arranging to attack kids in estates. There’s a human reason this is happening. As i said, they were here first, we’ve effed up the world enough, i don’t think it’s right we continue to play god and decide a species has to be cut back on.

          4. millie vanilly strikes again

            I know what a cull is thank you. I understand perfectly.

            I stand by my point.

          5. Mr.Fart

            i know you know what culling is. you tried to dress it up as something other than killing. It is literally killing .. you want to kill god knows how many seagulls because one of em frightened your kid. I don’t see the gulls as the problem in this scenario.

          6. millie vanilly strikes again

            Well that’s nice for you pontificating from your high horse. I take it you don’t live in one of the areas. Good for you, playing it down as one mammy clutching her pearls over nothing.

            Sounds more to me you’re talking out of your botty.

      3. Free Comment

        Disgraceful. Just imagine the words “aul wans”, “Ed Sheeran fans”, or “journalists” instead of “seagulls”.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          But you didn’t, because they’re seagulls, so it’s a waste of a poorly made point.

  2. White Dove

    “Everything I know, I learned from pigeons.”


    Rather than culling our pigeons, we should be communing with them. They are a great source of knowledge.

  3. Iwerzon

    Our cats have been attacked by gulls in D7 – they can hear the clink of spoon on feeding tray from miles and swoop for the food.
    Also, that house opposite Cowtown Cafe in Stoneybatter that is covered in pigeons where the occupant broadcasts handfuls of feed from a bucket hourly – poo everywhere, people run past the place. Why is this happening?

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