Base And Treble


National Treasury Management Agency annual report for 2018


It was reported in The Irish Examiner that figures given to the Public Accounts Committee show that amounts paid out by the State Claims Agency reached almost €350million last year.

The article, headlined ‘State agencies fail to learn from comp culture mistakes as payouts treble to €350m’, reported that this figure, up from €128m in 2014, was being blamed on a surge in injury claims.

Further to this…

Lawyer Cathal Malone has tweeted his thoughts…

State agencies fail to learn from compo culture mistakes as payouts treble to €350m (Irish Examiner)

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6 thoughts on “Base And Treble

  1. Jake38

    “This is not “compo culture” – it’s medical negligence………”

    Whatever the cause of the payouts, its abundantly clear that a huge proportion of the taxpayers money the SCA is paying out is going make laywers very rich indeed.

  2. Cian

    If you read the report you can see that:
    the Legal/Award breakdown on the €347m is €98m for legal costs versus €249m Award/Settlement costs. To but it another way 28% of the money is going to lawyers. Is 28% a “huge proportion”?

    Similarly, more than half the claims are being settled without going to the courts:
    – 54% of Claims closed in 2018 were resolved without court proceeding being served.
    – 43% with court proceeding being served but without a court judgement.
    – 3% with a court judgement.

  3. Mr.Fart

    another trait of government, blame the population. it ties in well with their general contempt for us.

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