The Irish Abroad



Why do all the good ones LEAVE?

15 thoughts on “The Irish Abroad

  1. Shane Duffy

    The second video is everything loathable about the stage Dublin man on tour and on Hill 16, singing Dublin versions of English soccer chants. Embarrassing.

    1. phil

      Ah come on , he is only a young fella, the the ‘journo’ seemed to like him , whats the trouble?

    2. Bort

      Hold on a second, that young lad in the LFC jersey is on holidays, beit it only to England, he’s happy out, locko minding his own business and a guy comes up with a camera and puts him up on youtube and takes the piss out of him.

      He’s not hurting anyone, stick a camera on any lad away with a few drinks on them and you can make them look like a fool.

      Jesus our rugby elite can’t even go to the pub without urinating on a member of the public. This guys an angel by comparison

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