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  1. Cú Chulainn

    Nobody should be going to prison for cannabis. When the young Allen gets a suspended sentence later this year, it will make a mockery of the thousands of working class young men who have been incarcerated for far less.
    On other news, I’m glad to see the Mirror has just realised there is a climate crisis.
    That was a seagull not a champagne cork. I can feel it in me waters.
    And what’s that little line in the torygraph about BoJo and the withdrawal agreement ? Lots of self harm to go..

    1. Rob_G

      Are there really ” thousands of working class young men” going to prison for possessing cannabis?

  2. eoin

    The fantasy that Digicel is a healthy business appears across the pages of the Indo (unaudited circulation Irish daily newspaper).

    The Indo claims the revenue for Digicel in the three months, April, May and June 2019 was US$539m “according to a person familiar with the [unpublished] results”. The Indo claims that’s 1% down on the same quarter a year ago. Really? It was US$565m in the same period in 2018, so there was a 5% decline.

    EBITDA is reported to be $244m, a 2% decline on last year.

    However, debt:EBITDA is said by the “person familiar with the results” to be 7.3

    As stated here frequently in the past three months, a debt:EBITDA of 6.9 [as claimed by “people familiar with Digicel’s results”] is a speck in Digicel’s rear-view mirror. I estimate debt:EBITDA is actually now 7.5, but regardless, every seems to agree it has broken through the 7.0 barrier. It’s a fuppin’ debt basket case.


    Digicel lost 6% of its subscribers in the quarter. Digicel blames legal changes in Papua New Guinea. But I wonder, are there really 4.5m Digicel subscribers in Haiti as claimed by the company?

    Anyway, Digicel’s bonds closed at a new record low yesterday, best quality bond at 41c in the dollar. You can get a 43% annual return on Digicel’s 2023 bonds. Interested? Of course you are, but there’s a good chance you’ll lose your entire investment.

    It’s touch and go for Digicel, it’s haemorrhaging cash and it has meaty bills for new licences due, not to mention the interest on up to $8 billion of debt.

    Denis needs Richard Bruton to ignore the will of the members of the Oireachtas communications committee and sign the National Broadband Plan now.


  3. eoin

    8am Wed 28 August 2019

    A google search for “national broadband plan site:rte.ie” in the past 24 hours returns zero results.

    RTE has not reported online the publication of the National Broadband Plan report yesterday. Someone on here said it wasn’t reported on the 9 o clock news either.

    RTE is 100% dependent on Richard Bruton to survive the next 18 months because it is making huge losses (€40m since Dee Forbes took over, despite making small surpluses in 2013 and 2014), It looks seriously dodgy that on the day RTE spouted about “fake news” that it won’t report a major development on a project that’s worth €5 billion.

  4. eoin

    Looks like the policing strategy in Drogheda isn’t working out.

    The Gardai have been letting the two main drugs gangs in the town freely sell drugs, in return for not taking their differences out on the streets of Drogheda during the Fleadh.

    The last major (>€50k) drugs seizure was over a year ago, despite the two gangs selling around €100,000 a week across Meath and Louth.

    And yesterday we had the first fatality in the drug war. Meanwhile, the traveller who runs one of the gangs and one of the two brothers who run the other gang are free on the streets, while the other brother in gang #2 is up in court on a relatively minor charge.

    Well done Gardai.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        There’s a feud going on up there. Widely reported in the MSM, who get their info from the Gardai. They know it already. Unless you mean that the Gardai are committing a crime themselves by allowing it to continue?

    1. Jake38

      Endless appeals and taxpayer-funded gravy for the lawyers. A farce. If you’re entitled to asylum status please stay. If not, time to go home.

    1. eoin

      I sense the hand of Enda Kenny, a director of the Ireland China Institute in the visit of the Chinese meat inspectors at beef plants, not to mention the decision to grant exploration licences to Chinese and Chinese-backed exploration companies off the south coast. I wonder is that right?

      1. B9Com From No

        Yes it would be terrible if Enda tried to create new sales opportunities for Irish produce

        1. GiggidyGoo

          While, on the other hand, his successor is trying his utmost to have farmers reduce their herds due to (cough cough) climate change. Reduce the herd, reduce the export, reduce the incomes.

  5. martco

    Arts Minister Josepha Madigan, who gave Ms Bailey initial advice on her case, yesterday declined to say if Ms Bailey should seek re-election. “That’s a matter for Maria Bailey to decide,” she said.

    “From my own perspective, my own role is beyond reproach and I’ve always maintained the highest professional standards.”

    nice bit of self-certification there from Josepha Madigan there

    I notice her oul website is back up & cleaned up (but thank the internet gods for the wayback machine wha):


    1. GiggidyGoo

      “Both options are reasonable, the PIAB is faster, but litigation can yield greater monetary results. In the latter case a solicitor is absolutely necessary to fulfill your claim. In the former, a solicitor is still suggested.”
      A real gem from JoeB

  6. some old unicorn

    It is with great sadness and sorrow I read this morning that the Barrow Street protest has come to an end- I expect Gardaí had warned that there was an elevated risk of stampeding unicorns.

    And so- who are we suing today? Those optics for the US won’t generate themselves.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Really miss the fellow…..what was his name……began with ‘c’…….who wound us up about Brexit. The fellow who went to Europe on his holidays ( Italy?) a month or so ago, for a few weeks and hasn’t shown his face here since. C? C?
    I can’t think of the name.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I take these CSO figures with a pinch of salt (not just these, but any figures that they publish based on estimates). It’s a fn Statistics office. They should be able to produce real, accurate statistics, but (and 2019 isn’t over yet) should not be producing guesswork and releasing it to the media, who will present it as fact. Let them publish it in 2020 for 2019.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Estimating is not forecasting.
          The link is to estimates, not forecasts.
          Estimating is done by taking a figure from a small proportion of the population and applying it to the total population.
          They’ve mention such things as ‘emigration from ireland…..non-nationals estimated as…’
          Statements like that show that the CSO is a joke. From their press release….littered with the word ‘estimated’, when there should be actual figures available, to a government agency, from other government agencies.

          “Population growth of 64,500 in the year to April 2019

          Ireland’s usually resident population is estimated to be 4,921,500 in April 2019
          While 88,600 persons immigrated to Ireland in the year to April 2019, 26,900 (30.4%) of these were returning Irish nationals
          Of the 54,900 people who emigrated from Ireland in the year to April 2019, 29,000 (52.8%) were estimated to be Irish nationals
          Irish nationals experienced net outward migration of -2,100 persons, while net inward migration among non-Irish nationals was estimated to be +35,800 in the year to April 2019
          In April 2019, 622,700 non-Irish nationals were estimated to be resident in Ireland, accounting for 12.7% of the total population
          The population of Dublin in April 2019 was estimated to be almost 1.4 million persons, 28.4% of the total population”

          1. Batty Brennan

            You are coming across as an uninformed idiot now.

            The “population” has a specific meaning in statistical analysis. Please educate yourself in the following terms lest you make a complete fool of yourself once more in the future:

            Point estimate
            Interval estimate
            Confidence interval
            Confidence level
            Margin of error

  8. Ron

    Stop the press! That daw jawed political scrote Harris is going to tackle lies regarding vaccines. Sorted so.

    Politics was always full of incompetent wasters in this country but the current impotent electorate have really out done themselves in their ability to pick even more incompetent daw jawed political goons then ever before.

    Take a bow. The stupidity knows no bounds

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