12 thoughts on “Back To Cool

  1. Ian-O

    Saw a guy walking on the footpath the other day, well I say walk, it was more of a crab like side shuffle because his skinny jeans were dangerously wrapped around his not-so-skinny legs and were apparently causing testicular compression.

    In other words, he looked like an idiot. For the craic I beeped to give him a scare and I’d say he near torn the nuts off himself with the jump.

  2. TheQ47

    And what’s the deal with wearing skinny jeans/ trackies that are your little brother’s size, i.e., half way up the leg?


  3. Tarfton Clax

    Ah, what comes around goes around. I remember wearing jeans so tight that they looked like pale blue skin, along with Runner boots, a Biker jacket and Motorhead/Lizzy/Saxon tee shirts in the 80’s too. Bruxelles, Downstairs, air-guitaring to Metallica and Slayer….

    Watching members of Winters Reign air Drumming down the back, and yer man who brought an unplugged electric guitar with him, and the lad in the wheelchair who was carried down the stairs every Friday/Saturday night… No health and safety then…

  4. Chris

    Skinny jeans have been in fashion for about 10 years- what the hell have the non-sissys been wearing in Kilkenny all this time?

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