‘A Guarantee Of Absolute Confidentiality’


Dublin’s Google Docks in the Grand Canal Dock; extract from Department of Justice submission explaining why Data Protection Commission should be only ‘partially included’ in the Freedom of Information Act

Journalist Ken Foxe tweetz:

If you ever wondered why there is such incredible levels of secrecy surrounding the Data Protection Commissioner, arguably Ireland’s most important state agency. They need to be able to provide “guarantee of absolute confidentiality” to the giant tech firms based in Ireland.

The above is an extract from a Dept of Justice submission explaining why Data Protection Commissioner should be only “partially included” in the Freedom of Information Act.

Will post the full record to @Thestoryie later on.

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11 thoughts on “‘A Guarantee Of Absolute Confidentiality’

  1. eoin

    Has Ireland compromised the independence of data protection and privacy so as not to alienate the big US internet companies? Would you expect a properly governed state to give “an absolute guarantee of confidentiality” to internet companies if, for example, there was a complaint from a citizen about a breach of their privacy. Surely the data protection people have a duty to the citizen which trumps any State-level economic beholdenment to the internet companies.

    1. Cian

      No. This isn’t about “a complaint from a citizen about a breach of their privacy.”

      This is saying the communications between the DPC and any company (regarding audit and compliance advice) are confidential. All you need to do is actually read the words in the picture above.

    2. V

      @ Eoin

      They have a duty to the function of their office, and the laws they are statutorily mandated to ensure are upheld. Even if that means by enforcement actions.

      To guarantee Independence they can’t just represent any particular side; their duty is to the legislation.

      I hope so anyway

  2. jonsmoke

    arguably Ireland’s most important state agency…..you’d lose that argument very quickly.

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