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Yesterday afternoon.

Grannagh, Waterford/ Kilkenny border

Fine Gael Minister of State John Paul Phelan (above left) talking to a group of independent farmers protesting beef prices and the Mercosur Deal at the Dawn Meats plant.

Unofficial pickets have been placed on some meat processing facilities despite a High Court injunction restraining groups of protesters from blockading factories.

Meat processors are in the High Court seeking a committal order to implement the injunctions.

Tuesday: Beef Futures

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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29 thoughts on “Phelan It

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Is JP assaulting that man? I see his hand pushing the man. Shameful action by a public representative.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Glad I got the reaction. Now cast your mind back to three weeks ago and Hazel Chu posting an image on twitter of a person outside Google (not naz boy) who was waving to someone, and labelling it as a Nazi salute.
        Point proven.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            My relay Wasn’t directed at you as such Ron
            Three weeks ago, B9com and some mates were pushing that a person at a demonstration (a woman who was waving to someone) was giving a Nazi salute, which she wasn’t. But nothing would satisfy them, even the proof that she wasn’t. (hence B9s reference to a youtube video that someone posted) I made the comment above to gauge what reaction would be made to a similar comment on a similar photograph. (In neither photograph was the person doing what was alleged)

            Your reaction was basically the same reaction I had to the photo from 3weeks ago. B9com though is all over the place.

    1. martco

      ah now. I have no idea who this FG minister for August fella is, but it doesn’t actually look like there’s anything untoward going on in those pics to me atall, that pose looks more humble/consoling can I have a word variety.

      regards this whole High Court business targeting the individual protestors however I find that disgusting on a couple of levels.

      I would have thought that the farmers & the IFA could get together & simply build & run their own processing solution to bypass this existing shady cabal altogether?

      I wonder if we’ll be seeing unmarked ex-Manchester Police vans again sometime soon?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        See my reply to Rob G above. I know that it wasn’t an assault by JP, but goes to show how a photograph can be interpreted.

  2. eoin

    Well done the farmers for standing up to the glorified knackeryman and his Dublin 2 solicitors.

    Pity the IFA never did.

    But the processors have all the cards for now, so it’s going to be tough for the farmers in the short term. Like William Martin Murphy in 1913, the processors have the accumulated wealth to play out the protests, see below. In the medium term, farmers need to establish their own co-op processing facilities, it’s not rocket science.


    1. V

      Whatever about the IFA and their own decision making and interests
      It always surprised me that some of the larger Co-Ops never developed processing facilities locally
      And provide an opportunity for more local branding than just Irish Beef
      ie Tipperary Premier Beef

      Like local Sheep Farmers did with Wicklow Lamb

      Same could be said for them letting the Sugar Beet Processing go
      Again, another great opportunity for Co-ops that got away

      I don’t want to start a round of argy bargy but questions do need to be asked of the IFA and their members as to why they allowed dairy and beef farming dominate their industry when they hadn’t any recognisable contribution or impact on Strategic Decisions directing their outputs

      I also have questions as to why the IFA still don’t seem to have put together a Cannabis working group
      It always seemed to me that they would be automatic stakeholders in any future regulation

      Irish Farming have had over 30 years to get their act together

      1. B9Com From No

        IFA are a jobs for the boys outfit V
        Sure you know all about them
        Like a bad GAA club
        Yer man Joe Healy is an amateur

  3. Truth in the News

    The Farmers owned a significant section of the meat processing sector
    through Cooperatives which they sold out to Larry Goodman for a song
    Goodman also at one stage had gotten hold of certain parts of the Dairy
    Coops until he had to be baled out in the early 90’s with again the Farmers
    ceding control for a few quid…..at lot what had happened in ceding this
    meat processing monopoly lies in the hands of the IFA, who avail of levies
    collected for them in meat factories and marts in most cases without
    formal written consent….it has now reached end game for Goodman
    and indeed the IFA…..the grass roots have revolted and if any are jailed
    or even go on hunger strike, we will soon see the country going into
    shut. down….in the last 20 years the farming sector has carried on its back a
    army of parasites Dept of Agr, Teagsc,Bord Bia,Coops,even the IFA…..the
    only ones ending up with nothing was the farmers and the faster the
    they get rid of the crowd in Bluebell the better, incidentally where is the
    Competition Authority in all of this, how come Farmers get low prices and
    the Consumers are paying the highest.

    1. V

      But some of those Coops could have broke away years ago and set up

      A lot also has to do with the bigger farmers selling off “Road Fontage” and quotas when they were of any use and letting the industry to eff itself
      Likewise with farmers, big and small, selling of land to National Roads, and developers
      then you have the bucks that inherited farms and decided to borrow against them and try their hand at rezoning, property development and pubs.

      Its a very fragmented community and sector, for which the IFA and previous Ministers are largely responsible
      And the fact that it is one of our most important indigenous sectors, and responsible for our most recognised global brands, it needs to be taken seriously.

      Sending Paudie Coffey down is just taking the p155

      1. Truth in the News

        The farmland acquired under NRA road construction projects is taken
        by compulsory purchase order and is not a free sale at all, in many cases
        farmers have been robbed and farm structures destroyed, then compare
        the ripoff with East and West Link bridges in Dublin, which cost over 600
        million to buy out, where was the CPO process under 1919 ACT in this
        Its easy to invoke a CPO on a defenceless farmer but not on National Toll Roads
        We need more Thomas Reeds and he needs to be crowd funded for the
        next attempt to take his land for Intel and he did not get much support from the IFA
        no did the Rossport 5 when same was tried to invade their land and homesteads

        1. V

          Savage comment

          So the Dubs got to name their price
          And everyone else had to make do with CPOs
          Btw thanks is for reminding me about the Rossport Five

          1. B9Com From No

            Agreed, excellent commentary
            Look how much the saps who opposed Aviva redevelopment got or the campaigning for money for Luas works and the like
            TITN hit the nail on the head again

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