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    1. Salmon Eile

      on average per car… Go figure. That’s what? 100,000+ car loans of 20K? – maybe one car is not man enough.

      1. V

        Must be

        It says HP makes up most of the loans
        I would have thought PCP
        Although a kinda hybrid HP in itself,
        Would have been the most popular finance product for new cars

        It doesn’t say if Credit Union loans were counted

    2. eoin

      Yep, sounds like the same chap who writes those clothes sales ads on the front of the Examiner sometimes. “Discounts of up to 60%, or more”

      It is nonetheless an interesting statistic.


      “Gross new lending for car purchase was €2.1 billion over
      the past twelve months, the largest amount of new
      lending recorded since the series began. Non-PCP hire
      purchase agreements were the main driver of the
      increase in new lending.”

    3. GiggidyGoo

      They might have asked say, four, finance companies. The first may have said that they have supplied €15k average, the second likewise, and the other two @ €25k each.

      1. V

        No. Well maybe that’s what the Daily Mail did
        But there is a more centralised source
        The Central Bank
        Via Prudential Returns and the Central Credit Register (CCR)

        But as far as I’m aware PCP still doesn’t get recorded as lending
        Also I don’t think Car Loans are isolated in the Prudential Returns by Credit Unions, which after home improvements is a big chunk of any CUs Loan Book

        Also, more importantly is doesn’t present the value of car sales
        Just the over the counter finance
        So cash sales, trade-ins, part cash deals, or even credit card booking deposits aren’t recognised

        So you would be entitled to assume that the sales value is far far higher
        Let’s just say it’s 25% – (I reckon it’s a good 50% myself but I don’t want to show anyone up)
        That would place the value of car sales in the Republic in the last 12 months above 2.6 Billion yo-yos

        So I have my doubts about the claims made
        But would be open to correction of course

        What we’re really lacking for a more complete assessment is the number of vehicles on the road at YE 2018 and YE 2019.

        This two figure movement would be required to have any meaningful test, because if YE’19 has grown significantly from its comparison, it means more insurance policies are being underwriten, more tax plates, more NCTs, more toll income, and a motor tax, vat and other car fuel levies bonanza.

        And that’s where the truth of the Irish Car market is.

        Maybe Paschal will update us in October with his Budget 2020 speech.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      She would be a Leaver, she has form, left Charles after multiple dalliances with people outside the union.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        That’s true, but she also loved cruising around the Med and after leaving wanted to remain as a special princess. So, I’m going for Remain.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          She’s a have her cake and eat it kinda lady. Wants to keep the benefits of the union but not be limited by its rules

  1. f_lawless

    I find this video of Greta Thunberg disturbing. After watching it, I’m more inclined to believe that what witnessing here is a child who’s been sucked into a grotesque PR stunt by powerful interests – with the consent of her parents – which effectively amounts to child abuse. .After the ordeal of travelling for days across the the Atlantic by sailboat, the poor girl is apparently in a state of shock and in need of counselling rather than be thrust in front of the media spotlight and cheering crowds.Something is clearly not right. Let the poor girl be and let’s find a better way to raise environmental awareness!

    1. martco


      a bunch of adults sarcastically taking the p!ss out of a small traumatised child. sums it up.

      chitter once again shows it’s colours.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I’m concerned she is shouldering so much responsibility because the generation before her f’d it up so badly, that alone can’t be great for the head, a lot of pressure on little shoulders

      1. V

        She is clearly mentally and physically exhausted
        You really have to question her parents allowing this
        Whatever the motives and whoever own them
        Surely Greta’s health and wellbeing should be the only priority

        Her distress is painful to witness
        It really is

    3. Cú Chulainn

      +1,000, I can’t watch any of what’s happening to the child. Her parents enabling of course. I just hope she survives this and has the opportunity to grow into adulthood.

      1. martco

        love to know what’s going on there

        I’m only guessing by what I’m reading…they’re probably grand people & they were best intentioned supporting their daughter but that something small & simple has ballooned now into a monster with hanger-onners to the left of them & jokers to the right

        hopefully there’s enough sensible people in that picture to take proper care of her

  2. eoin

    Google maps has links to all the British pro-democracy [anti prorogation] marches today.


    Can’t believe the US State Dept still has the UK on #2 “Exercise increased caution in the United Kingdom due to terrorism.” Remember the Dublin embassy issuing an advisory for Marlay Park? Nothing from the London embassy.

    I can rivers of blood on the streets of Britain by the end of today.

    1. bisted

      …so that’s the pro democracy anti Brexit demos as opposed to the pro democracy referendum result majority?

    2. eoin

      Although there are huge numbers now coming onto the street right across England and Wales (and to a limited extent, Scotland and Northern Ireland), so far, it has a carnival atmosphere. When they continue to block road and bridges, there is likely to be a policing response. What then?

      The calls “‘You shut down our parliament! We’ll shut down the streets!’” are being frequently heard at protests.

      #StopTheCoup is #1 on Twitter in the UK [though there are suspicions about Twitter’s manipulation of hashtags] and appears to be the main hashtag for the protesters for now.

      London’s LBC station appears to be devoting the day to covering the protests.

      1. some old queen

        Am I still banned from commenting? Different device so interesting- or just a moderator who does like the idea of bisexuality being common place- time will tell.

  3. eoin

    Examiner reports a Garda member is being investigated for unlawfully possessing gun components.

    Yesterday, the Irish Times reported a Garda member had been suspended for allegedly stealing a wallet with money which a member of the public had handed in.

    The Irish Times also reports “Between January 1st, 2015, and December 31st, 2017, 14 sums of money confiscated by gardaí as part of investigations disappeared from the evidence storage facilities of stations around the country.”

    As to think there might have been cynicism yesterday when Giggidy suggested those drug seizures at Stradbally might go missing…..

    1. Catherine costelloe

      “As part of the investigation garda are trying to establish the man’s access to weapons at Garda HQ”.
      “…..is believed to have swiped weapons and ammunition from Garda HQ”.
      If this happened at divisional HQ it would be bad enough but to happen at Phoenix Park is pretty spectacular.

  4. eoin

    Remember that time [three months ago] when it was reported that Apple was being sued by iTunes users for covertly selling their details to third parties


    Or that time [three weeks ago] when it was first revealed Apple was being sued for allegedly recording them without their consent. “These recordings are accompanied by user data showing location, contact details, and app data”


    You’d think that this would be big news on our state broadcaster, but with a technology editor paid for from the licence fee [isn’t it James McNamara, who replaced Will Goodbody last year], why hasn’t RTE been reporting what is fairly big news. It was only after the Guardian reported the layoffs in Cork this week that RTE started to report this news (as far as I can see).

    But if RTE doesn’t report it, you can’t accuse them of fake news. You see. Clever.

  5. eoin

    “12 meat plants closed due to beef protests” claims the processors representative group, Meat Industry Ireland.

    Anyone know which 12?

    Good luck to the farmers, they are facing an uphill battle with a non-a-cartel, but a representative group of processors which have practically bottomless pockets. If the farmers are really going to get any place, they’ll either need a sympathetic competition authority (haha) or to establish their own coop for their meat.

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