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  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    I’m sure the Canadian people will be overjoyed at hearing a child murderer and peado will soon be free and anonymous, under another alias, in their country.

    Why set him free? What good can come if it?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      None. Further, if the individual had come to realise the terrible reality of his actions, he would not want to leave incarceration.

      1. some old queen

        Interesting synopsis by Alan Renwick- of a piece written for the Telegraph of all papers- on Johnson’s prorogation of parliament. A comment including the link does not display despite being posted numerous times on Broadsheet.

        I argue in the @Telegraph that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament violates both basic constitutional principles and fundamental tenets of conservatism. Key points for those of you frustrated by the paywall:

        THREAD (1/12)

        The centrepiece of the UK’s constitutional system is our democratically elected parliament. It has an essential role in scrutinizing government. Without it, we risk getting demagoguery, not democracy. (2/12)

        A referendum, especially one that leaves the detail to be worked out later, doesn’t change that. Proper democratic accountability is needed throughout the process. In the absence of another election or referendum, only parliament can provide it. (3/12)

        Further, our constitution is uncodified, and in parts unwritten: many of the rules reside in tradition, not fixed legal text. That allows those rules to adapt organically to changing times. But it also requires those in power to abide by the basic, unwritten principles. (4/12)

        Government is proroguing parliament to avoid normal parliamentary scrutiny of its actions. The Prime Minister is seeking to circumvent the possible parliamentary majority against his chosen course of action. (5/12)

        (Quick digression: I’ve had a few comments suggesting today’s decision is trivial, as parliament was going off for the conference recess anyway. This is wrong. (1) Recess is not prorogation. Lots of parliamentary business goes on in recess. Everything stops in prorogation. (6/12)

        (2) Parliament gets to vote on whether to go into recess. It looked increasingly likely that parliament might vote against it. So, no, today’s decision does make a big difference.) (7/12)

        In proroguing parliament, Johnson is not only undermining our democratic process by silencing parliament, but also abusing the basic character of the uncodified constitution. (8/12)

        There’s no modern UK precedent for proroguing to block parliament’s will, or for so long, or at such a fraught time, when a functioning parliament is essential. And all this when the PM has been subject to parliamentary scrutiny for just one of his first 40 days in office. (9/12)

        Most remarkably, this is being done by a Conservative PM. Conservatives generally laud our uncodified constitution and celebrate that our elected representatives are reasonable enough to make it work. (10/12)

        But if norms and traditions aren’t respected, they cease to exist. Future governments of different hues may be similarly cavalier, or write down new rules that shift the country from its organic constitutional tradition. (11/12)

        So there’s nothing normal – or trivial – about Johnson’s move. It has profound implications for our constitution and democracy. Progressives may seize the opportunity to cast our democratic system afresh. It’s astonishing that more Conservatives are not deeply perturbed. (12/12)

          1. bisted

            …what you seemto be saying is that representative democracy trumps direct democracy…except when you don’t agree with the way that the directly elected representatives who form the government are trying to implement the democratic intention of the majority…

          2. some old queen

            Heather Small ft Dirty Disco & Matt Consola – Proud (Division 4 & Matt Consola Remix) – currently 27 in the US dance charts- are we good with that?

          1. B9Com From No

            These sorts of debates were also held incidentally during Gulf War II

            Of course you will recall that Tony Blair encouraged the so-called ‘Bush Doctrine’ instituting a new norm of pre-emptive war, Chomsky analyses it really well.

            Today government terrorist scum all over the world utilize the Bush Doctrine. Ditto with respect
            to Bush using so-called “signing statements” and again the Obama regime rolled back a lot of previously existing norms in respect of FISA courts and electronic surveillance

            As Eoin might say, you have to watch them like a hawk :)

  2. Eamon Fitzpatrick

    The “Irish” Mail on Sunday??? More like the “English” Mail on Sunday!! Every Sunday for the last knows how long there’s some Megan Markle, Prince Andrew, etc photo on it’s front page. Can it not find/use/support Irish people? I know it laid off about 35 people recently but I still expect Irish material on it’s front page. I don’t really see it as an Irish paper anymore.

    1. eoin

      Has the editor Sebastian Hamilton got his Irish citizenship yet? Did his conviction for contempt in relation to the Ana Kriegel trial and consequent fine of €4,500 for him personally put the kibosh on his application?

    2. Spud

      141,000 average watched the Megan and Harry wedding here.
      There’s a demand for dem Royals here ya know!

    3. Pol O'Conchuir

      The Daily Mail is just as bad. It makes no effort at supporting Irish. Monty Don for gardening (why not any of many Irish alternatives), all medical and diet writers are British ones. Both the IDM and IMOS circulations have fallen off a cliff. I’m not surprised, they’re both just in it for the money now. Both are very expensive now compared to when they came out initially. I think people have copped on!!

  3. eoin

    With 29 money/business articles this Sunday in its Irish edition (plus many more in the UK edition), the Sunday Times has overtaken the SBP as the business paper. This week, the SBP gives the Huawei side of the story on alleged Chinese state-level spying and US sanctions. I’m struggling to find real news elsewhere in that paper.

  4. eoin

    Hmmm, the Irish Times yesterday front page ad for itself, €5 a week (€260 a year) for a weekly delivered copy of the Saturday IT (€3.20 a week or around €167 a year ex delivery) plus digital copies for the rest of the week (worth around €11 a week or €562 a year)

    Still more expensive than the €60 a year (€55 discounted) for the London Times (which includes a handful of mostly 24-old digital stories from Times Ireland) and Sunday Times.

    And waaaaay more expensive than the €1 for a month, for the SBP.

    It’s desperate Ted, except, given how these papers are promoting certain agendas and suppressing others, there is surely a business model whereby they pay YOU to read their auld guff, and they charge whatever cause they’re promoting or whose human capital they’re growing, fees. Isn’t that the future, if not the present?

    1. Salmon Eile

      Did the circulation figures for the Irish Times come out last week? I missed them. What’s he latest print run circulation at? 45K?

  5. eoin

    What happened with the Brexit protests yesterday.

    Looks like 10s of thousands came out on the street, rather than 100s of thousands. It was colourful and convivial and once they made their speeches in the designated protest areas, they went home. In London, three were arrested including a Green politician. They “marched on” Buckingham Palace to express displeasure with the Queen signing the prorogue, but they really just walked towards the Palace and walked back towards Victoria. No violence. No rioting. No looting. And that was it.

    While within the Tory party, their position has hardened further.The Chancellor was forced to accept the debagging of his assistant(s). And Boris is now eyeing a general election to thwart politicians that say they’ll stay in the House of Commons all day and all night to debate and vote down a no deal. If Boris does call an election after 31 October, surely the EU will just unilaterally grant the UK all the privileges it now enjoys for an extra fortnight or whatever, thereby thwarting Johnson. It’s a fudgy mess and meantime, we have to plan for the worst.

    1. some old queen

      The media was hyping the protests as a hard left thing which was likely to turn violent, They never got their headlines but I expect even that put some people off.

      1. ReproBertie

        Not just the media.

        “I can rivers of blood on the streets of Britain by the end of today.” said eoin yesterday.

        1. bisted

          …looks like arch Tory Enoch ‘rivers of blood’Powell may yet be proved right…except…by the wrong crowd for the opposite reasons…oh the irony…

        2. eoin

          Indeed, you’d think after the poll tax, May Day, anti capitalist protests in London and the mayhem which followed, and the 2011 riots, that yesterday had all the hallmarks of a tinder box about to go up in flames. The first indications to me that this wasn’t going to lead to disturbances were the low numbers turning out. “as far as the eye could see” someone said of the London protest but it was around 1/3rd the length of Whitehall, maybe 20,000. It also looked like a family day out.

          I’m not sure why they’re so submissive in the face of a bare-faced attempt to undermine parliament. Reminds you of the TS Elliott poem, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper, with the police granting you “designated protest spaces” and then threatening you with arrest for obstruction/public order after a couple of hours before you politely tug your forelock and comply. This way to the gas chambers, ladies and gentlemen, with Jacob Rees Mogg in a morning suit guiding the way.

          1. some old queen

            It is amusing but not true- Brexit was and is Farage’s baby- Tories never stole working people’s vote- Farage did.

            And he is calling the shots again- which is why Johnson is going for the nuclear option- until the EU give them another extension because even right now, no deal is not doable.

            Crashing out cannot happen without having serious repercussions right across the world.

  6. eoin

    Fupp all analysis in the Sunday papers of the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan report published last week and Richard Bruton’s response to it, that is, he will ignore its conclusion that the Plan be suspended for three months to explore alternatives.

    Poor state of affairs for our Sunday papers.

  7. eoin

    The state of the Sindo. Claudia Keane on loyalty, hah! Are we allowed talk about the British superinjunction which prevented British media reporting her hubby’s alleged dalliances? And the 1/4 page ad for womenly bladder control. Yep, at least the advertisers have probably got the measure of the Sindo audience alright.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Reminds me of the old RTE joke….
      What has 40 legs and smells of piddle?
      First two rows of Live At Three

  8. eoin

    Congrats to the Broadsheet massiv with their website now ranked #165 in Ireland, a fantastic achievement altogether, and what looks like the most successful Irish news website in terms of time spent by the audience on the site.

    Look at the Top 50 in Ireland, dominated by non-Irish tech and media giants.


    1. Gabby

      I just bought a copy of Mad magazine. Does it rank in the league tables of favourite publications? Where does it stand in relation to Villager magazine?

  9. GiggidyGoo

    So, France are testing out their Brexit plans well in advance.
    What is Varadkar and Co. doing? Pooing themselves! No plans, nothing. Hiding behind a ‘we are not telling anyone anything in case they can turn it to their advantage’ mantra, and running to smaller EU Members looking for ‘support’.
    Summertime and the living is easy eh? Varadkar missing.
    Harris firefighting his own incompetency,
    Daffy re-writing his budget leaks on a daily basis,
    Murphy happy to step away from the spotlight for a few weeks while attention grows to Brexit
    Bruton getting his return on investment with the media – RTE especially putting a lid on reporting the broadband robbery going on right in front of us.
    Coveney still showing Varadkar how leadership should be done.
    D’Arse complaining about Cromwell. And he more than likely of frog descent himself.
    Ross performing miracles, charging his new electric car at a non-connected charger.

    1. eoin

      Did the most listened-to RTE radio programme this weekend, Marian on Sunday with guest presenter Brendan O’Carroll, have the PR guy Eoin O’Neachtain on as a guest today. Wasn’t he the PR guy who had an improper conversation with the then communications minister Denis Naughten about Denis O’Brien’s INM taking over the Celtic newspapers group?

      Had Eoin anything to say today about the National Broadband Plan today, or was he instrumental in making sure nothing was said about it……..

      Well done RTE! “Telling the whole story”, my mimsy tushkin.

      1. bisted

        …just when we thought it we were rid of yer man…mind you…if Marion had been on duty and that pompous Tory came out with the ‘come to heel’ lineshe would have eaten him…

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Wouldn’t expect anything from Cork.
        “One rebel and yiz shot him in the back”. :)

        1. V

          If Cluxton keeps kicking out straight into the Kerry Midfielders paws
          You might want to keep an eye on him

    1. shayna

      4 points down at half-time, missed penalty, 14 men against 15 for the remainder, one of the Twin Towers to be brought in – Kerry may have it all to win.

      1. V

        Plus the three (could be four ) wides

        Told ye from a long ways off Dublin have no one to mark Clifford

        And they still don’t

        Watch what happens when Tommy Walsh comes on

        1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

          Clifford was anonymous, Geaney was poor as well imo.
          I think today was Kerry’s chance, didn’t look like a penalty to me in the ground, not sure about the sending off but overall delighted to have another day out and another shot at making history. :)

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            I’d say you’re only wrung out like a dishcloth after that, Bert.

            Those last few mins were tense, even for a sport numpty like me.

          2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Nerve wracking Millie, brilliant day though and another to come.
            What a time to be a Dublin fan. x

          3. V

            Not sure about the sending off?
            Would ya give over Beetie
            Cooper had three cautions before his 1st yellow
            (Confirmed by Damian Lalor who had the ref mic in his ear)
            Why didn’t Dublin bring him in after 10 mins? Because they’d no one else
            When Connolly came on he toed his first touch
            Dublin subs made Zero impact
            Nothing out of them

            Cluxton and Cafferky kept Dublin on the game
            The latter dragged them to the final whistle afaic
            But Cafferky has been known to have as many poor days as he has stormers

            Clifford anonymous
            Dublin’s game plan is they had none
            Because they had no clue how to manage him, O’Se and Spillane

            Big winners today:
            Kerry Defense
            Big losers: Dublin defence- only for Cluxton they’d be a laughing stock tonight
            And ye’ve no-one on the bench to make an impact

            The Ref had a great match
            Although I do think Kerry should have got a second peno

            Saturday week;
            Kerry by a goal
            No doubt about it
            Something else,
            I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised to see Johnny Cooper on Clifford again

            And Dublin were poxed it didn’t go the way of the other draw there today; extra time

            Best craic today was watching ye go green when Tommy Walsh barrelled in
            No wonder Cafferky left skid marks behind him on the final whistle

          4. V

            Ah no money to be made now honey
            Up to midday today you would have got Kerry +5 at 5/1

            So those bets are paying out
            And could well be the only soft money to be made

            Go on to Betfair and see if anyone is looking to lay off money
            I’d say there’s 000000s out there trying to get out

          5. B9Com From No

            One thing I agree with V is that the vaunted Dubs bench had less of an impact today than in other occasions. Connolly was a waste of a sub for example. McManamon a bit sad too. This is near the end of the great Dublin team.
            But apart from young Spillane Kerry has no one at all to bring on. Dublin by 4 next Saturday

          6. V

            Then why didn’t Gavin take Johnny Cooper off

            3 cautions and a yellow on one of the most dangerous forwards in the game within 15 minutes of throw in

            A’ way out that lads

          7. B9Com From No

            Kerry was out on their feet last few minutes despite having a man up
            Didn’t know how to win
            Dublin deserved it and will prevail next week

  10. shayna

    Replays are never as glamorous – the stakes are still the same, however. 14th September? To be fair on GAA history the Football Final was always on the third Sunday in September? I love how every expert pundit wrote off Kerry, including Pat Spillane, who had two nephews playing today. A Saturday evening @6pm is a disgrace! What’s wrong with the following day – Sunday @3.30pm – it’s Croke Park – home of the GAA? Two most important days in The Croke Park Calendar – Senior Hurling Final & Senior Football Final. Does a replay diminish the winning of the title? History will be made by the Dubs, or quelled by The Kingdom. It should be on a proper football day at a proper time, i.e – the third Sunday in September – why not?

    1. bisted

      …this may be the first time I ever agreed with shayna…c’mon Croke Park…get rid of the bean counters…

      1. shayna

        Jesus, ta for the support there, bisted – unexpected as it is – ta! The build-up to the final on all the back pages since the semi-finals – a draw? I’m guessing Dublin will beat Kerry off the field in the replay. Kerry had their chance today. I’m dispirited by the GAA that the replay date does’t meet a potentially monumentos occasion.

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