It’s The Genonomy, Stupid


Twitter and LinkedIn posts from an account with the name Daniel Nicolson which have since been deleted


On Twitter…



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12 thoughts on “It’s The Genonomy, Stupid

  1. Bebe

    Well done John Greally, Simon McGarr and Bodger for exposing.

    Needs full forensic investigation – how did Nicolson acquire such personal, valuable information ?

    1. Holden MaGroin

      I think this is a well constructed comment. and I had a wry thought to myself after I read it.

  2. ira

    As much as I hate evil pharma evil companies and there probably are privacy issues with this particular situation, this is how research gets done.
    We can’t do ice bucket challenges and readathons and sponsored walks to raise money for research and then get mad when someone actually wants to do the research.
    If we don’t want a private company to have control of this then where are the millions of euro that we could give to academia?
    And a company would end up making the drug in the end anyway!

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