The Furious And The Furiouser


Ah here.


With Hobbs & Shaw, the latest movie in the Fast & Furious franchise, tearing it up at the box office, one of Ireland’s largest insurance brokers has determined that The Rock’s character Luke Hobbs would be subject to an annual premium of €32,928 to be insured on Irish roads.

The whopping figure was derived based on a 2015 Ford Focus (costing €15,000) and took into account Hobbs’ reckless driving in the franchise…

The Fast And The Curious:  How Much Would It Cost To Insiure Hobbs On Irish Roads? (GMHD)

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9 thoughts on “The Furious And The Furiouser

  1. Tony

    HAHAHAHAHAHA What delightful banter from this large insurance company! Sure if the Rock pays that amount, us ordinary folk are getting off easy! HAHAHAHA

    Sure it would nearly make you forget that the insurance industry is a cartel.

    1. Tony

      Ah now Bodger. Before you edited my comment my description of the insurance industry was much more biting than that. It was my personal opinion about a cynical industry that’s no better than the bookies (and it didn’t have any rude words in it)

      Poor form unless this is a sponsored post. In which case fair play. If not, just poor form

  2. eoin

    In fairness, if you have the likes of Alan Farrell claiming you rolled into him in stationary traffic and then claiming €15,000 compo with no evidence whatsoever of damage to the car, and evidence of Alan up a ladder hanging posters despite the claim for “soft tissue damage” then a €33k annual premium on a €15k Ford Focus sounds about right. [imagines Alan Farrell aggressively giving out to The Rock for rolling into him….at least, in your imagination, what happens next, there’s some form of justice]

  3. Dan

    Here is one for you. My father is almost 50 years old and never had a claim or a ticket or anything and yet he was quoted 1400 euro for an opel astra 1.6 petrol. What the actual feck is wrong with the insurance companies charging people this kind of money? Something should be done about it…

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