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Data from the National Claims Information Database

This morning/afternoon.

Via The Irish Times:

The cost of motor insurance claims fell 2.5 per cent between 2009 and 2018 but premiums rose 42 per cent, according to a Central Bank report …

The first comprehensive study of premiums and cost claims in Ireland appears to cast doubt on industry claims that the higher cost of car insurance is the result of spiralling payouts and increased claims, resulting in low profitability.

It found that the average cost of claims per policy fell from by 2.5 per cent from €437 in 2009 to €426 in 2018 while average premiums jumped by 42 per cent from €498 to €706.

The report, based on data from the National Claims Information Database, also revealed the industry here generated an operating profit of 9 per cent. The average level of profitability in the UK is 5 per cent.

Full report here

Motor insurance premiums up 42% even though claims fall, Central Bank report finds (Irish Times)

Ah here.


With Hobbs & Shaw, the latest movie in the Fast & Furious franchise, tearing it up at the box office, one of Ireland’s largest insurance brokers GMHD.ie has determined that The Rock’s character Luke Hobbs would be subject to an annual premium of €32,928 to be insured on Irish roads.

The whopping figure was derived based on a 2015 Ford Focus (costing €15,000) and took into account Hobbs’ reckless driving in the franchise…

The Fast And The Curious:  How Much Would It Cost To Insiure Hobbs On Irish Roads? (GMHD)