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  1. Cú Chulainn

    It appears the Bo Jo will now do anything, including firing his own conservative MPs, so that he can call the election asap.

    1. scottser

      Shutting down parliament, ignoring any legislation it might pass and now sacking party members who don’t tow the line?
      They’re at it again.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Sure we have our own here. Which member of FG Government said this? “We are about to enter into a phase of civil disobedience to hamper the decision made by An Bord Pleanala and I fully support the farmers and landowners in that action.”

    1. Spud

      Wow, is this common knowledge?
      Guy in their 40s / 50s?
      Does he be ‘in the media’ much, or just known in those circles?
      I guess since he’s arrested we’ll find out soon?

    2. baz

      Tanning bed and high lights

      Previous associations with a high profile overdose during the last credit bubble

    3. eoin

      An Garda Siochana seem very happy with themselves for finding €1 million of drugs but in the context of the €1,000 million that’s estimated is sold in Ireland every year, it’s a drop in the ocean and just emphasises how useless and corrupt the Gardai really are. Maybe they’re too busy smuggling guns, stealing from the lost property office or falsifying their timesheets or falsifying breath tests. And are 1/4 of them still facing prosecution for criminal conduct in the juvenile criminal system?

    4. eoin

      The Shinners have correctly condemned the shooting/attempted murder of Gardai in Darndale whose van was hit with two bullets. Maith thu.

      Where is the Shinners response to the €1 million heroin seizure. These are the same Shinners who have issued 14 (fourteen) statements this year calling for the release from prison in Turkey of Abdullah Oculan, the leader of the PKK. According to Europol, the PKK is responsible for 100% of the heroin reaching Ireland, whether it’s produced in Afghanistan and transited through eastern Turkey, or it’s produced in eastern Turkey, northern Syria and Iraq. Will our brave media ever confront the Shinners about this state of affairs?

      1. Rob_G

        Well, it would be hard for Dublin drug dealers to pay them their protection money if there was no heroin, I guess…

  2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    The more air time given to hippocrates like Meryl Streep the greater the chance of the Donald getting re-elected.

  3. eoin

    Ah would you look at the “Irish” Daily Mail and its front page report on a generic and hardly surprising European health report. It’s written by “Irish Daily Mail Reporter”.

    The “Irish” Daily Mail still has a circulation of 27,959 which is amazing.

  4. eoin

    There’s a syndicated story from Gordon Deegan in the Times Ireland.

    Dublin City Council has awarded the city clamping contract to a company called Tazbell. The contract is “worth” €37m over five years.

    “Tazbell Services Group is the largest commercial car park operator in the country…Pay to directors [in 2017] Thomas Dowd and Martin O’Gara totalled €347,731…Tazbell paid out €300,000 in dividends in 2017.”

  5. eoin

    The Irish Times has done some [limited] digging on the mystery man who left £1.5 million to Sinn Fein, a record sum. Apparently the will was drawn up in 1997, witnessed by an unnamed Cavan solicitor. The estate of the 82 year old who died in January last year was worth £2.6 million. He reportedly lived in a mobile home in Ireland in 1997 [in Durrus, west Cork?]


    Where did the money come from? That’s still a mystery.

  6. eoin

    That don’t impress me much. Despite all the upheaval in the UK over the weekend and Brexit dominating the British papers front pages today [again] as well as the Irish Times, sterling is rock steady on the foreign exchange. Looks like the markets think there’s likely to be some fudge which avoids a no deal crashout. Maybe, the market isn’t getting it or maybe the media are needlessly running around like headless chickens.

    1. The Old Boy

      Running around like headless chickens, are they? On Friday and Saturday you wrote two odious, baseless and moronic comments, one of which included the phrase “rivers of blood”, predicting with certainty violent disorder in London and making bizarre remarks about travel advisory warnings.

      I really don’t know what your game is. It’s like someone is reading a volume called Propaganda for Beginners and using Broadsheet as a training field.

      1. Qwerty123

        Just don’t Old boy, if we ignore him/her broadsheet might put their ‘toy’ away,

        is that better BS? I think deleting all comments on probably the most off putting part of your website is a bit churlish, no?

      2. baz

        £ is stronger today than a few weeks ago
        the currency markets ‘adjusted’ in 2016 and £ has been within a ‘range’ since then

        EU needs the UK consumer, specifically the DE factories

        FR don’t care because they run false accounts, if the EU falters FR accounting tricks will be exposed bare – ever wonder why Macron loves Iran so much? FR need their Iran ‘deals’

      1. eoin

        Afternoon Johnny, just after I spoke this morning, speculation leaked about an imminent general election and weakened the pound by nearly 1%. But the front page catastrophising by the British papers wasn’t the spur for the decline.

  7. martco

    GAA experts

    is there a reason (apart from even more loadsamoney) why don’t they do extra time & pens for AI semis and finals?

    1. V

      Not an expert
      But I was seriously wee-weed off that they put the minors to extra time, these players are 17 and under
      and deserved another day at it instead of trying to finish it off half bate and exhausted.
      That’s the point when serious injuries are more likely and a lad’s game could be ruined.
      Thurles or Limerick would have been delighted to host the replay.

      Hon Cork, a second AI at underage Football btw, and a team that were bate twice in the Munster Championship but still grafted their way to an All Ireland Final and beyond into extra time.
      Lots to be optimistic about in Cork Football.
      Another moan, but this has been going on for years so its worn thin with a lot of lads, but I’m disgusted that the Minors don’t get their Speech anymore,
      (btw the last was Tommy O’Leary – who was a great Captain, pity he didn’t stay on with us.)

      Regarding the Senior Game
      There was never a tradition of extra time back in the day, with lads having to get up for work the following morning.
      Its a different era now, and we’re never done hearing how Dublin are so well looked after and prepared.
      At least most of the Kerry lads are still living at home with their Mam’s so have that bit of comfort and support that lets them have a lie in

      So there is no real reason not to stitch on 12 minutes a side in ET

      I suspect besides the payday for CLG/ Croke Park and the two Counties, another big factor driving a second day out are the Broadcast contracts and the Telly. Its a big gig for them too.
      the reason it’s pitched on a Saturday tea time; a slot that is handily rescheduled and not likely to push out any Prime Time Strictly Ant & Dec stuff. So the Broadcasters have a bonus day out as well

      As an aside, I’d rather be at an AI than sitting at home cribbing about our own season and where it went wrong,
      But Jaysus, not after ‘ 87 & 88 would I wish a replay(s) on any side – even Meath
      It could be that Replays don’t suit Cork
      But still
      True supporters will know what I mean
      Instead of the midweek funny runny tummy to match day, they’ll have to work thru it for another ten days

      1. ReproBertie

        Saturday because Sunday is the LGFA finals and tea time because many people have to work Saturdays.

    1. Cian

      Clutches pearls.

      TIL TDs are earning 1.5% less (after this rise) in 2019, than the TDs were earning in 2007.

      Also, according to that link, Leo is now taking 35% less salary than Bertie was getting in 2007. (His actual salary is only 27% less, and he has chosen not to take the last few increases that make up the other 8%).

    1. eoin



      “GAA defend policy of not releasing top salaries in annual accounts…”

      Relying on a very narrow accounting technicality, the GAA are getting away with not revealing the salaries of top management. They say the salaries are benchmarked to similar organisations, but won’t say which ones. FAI? FIFA? Who knows.

      It’s shady, but by the stuffed-shirt looks of many of them, they aren’t being forced to skip meals.

      1. Mr.Fart

        when players went on strike in the 90s, the GAA were reportedely taking in millions and had the money back then to pay players. the game is even more popular now with more numbers at games and looooots more merch being sold, also have made millions off selling viewing rights to sky and bigger sponsorship deals and more sponsorship deals than the 90s, and still not paying players. They defo make an absolute mint and could pay them, theyre just corrupt and greedy. like literally anyone with a shred of power in this country. greedy little nation.

  8. some old queen

    And onto important stuff- has Nazisaluteboy just revealed that he is in fact the twitter account GaelicSS?

    No plant then- a poisonous weed but definitely not a plant. The problem with those sorts is they always crave attention so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

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