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Via The Martie Keating Foundation:

A new prostate cancer campaign has been launched today urging men to WATCH for any symptoms that could be related to your prostate health, TALK with family and friends about their prostate health and ACT by going to see their GP if they have any concerns and over 50 or when they are over 45 with a family history.

The Marie Keating Foundation’s ‘Stand Up for Your Prostate’ campaign is looking to empower Irish men to be more open and comfortable discussing their health.

…Six men, including broadcasters Tony O’Donoghue and Matt Cooper (whose campaign video is above), politician Senator Neale Richmond and rugby legend and journalist Tony Ward, who have all been affected by cancer in some way, are backing the campaign, encouraging men not to put their health on the long finger.

Stand Up For Your Prostate (Marie Keating Foundation)

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11 thoughts on “Man Up

  1. Conksi

    bizzaro place for this line, accidental or scuppering its own campaign? “encouraging men not to put their health on the long finger.”

  2. eoin

    That God we have 149 government-funded cancer charities in this country to preach the blindingly obvious. If a FG senator or a presenter off Denis O’Brien’s business can’t convince you to get a prostate test (generally a two minute check, less if you avoid eye contact), what’s the point.

  3. millie vanilly strikes again

    Is this not a good thing? Are we supposed to be enraged?

    Surely more awareness of the prostate should be encouraged. I, for example, am very familiar with the prostate and I don’t even have one.

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