The National Women’s Council of Ireland tackles the scourge of uncomfortable ‘sexy bras’ aimed at men.

At least someone had the courage to say it.

It’s 2019 – we need to talk about why most bras are still so terrible (The Guardian)

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32 thoughts on “Hello Boys

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I was out one night and ran into a lingerie party for the staff at a large department store. They told me that all the fancy high end stuff, agent provocateur etc, was bought exclusively by men. Victoria Secrets are 50/50. M&S mostly women and tired husbands, still buying the wrong size.

  1. V

    Ah here

    I’ll wear what I like
    Ideally without someone telling me its bad for me

    Try getting in an’ out of one’ah those Sports Bras ffs
    I reckon they cause more Rotator Cup/ Neck Stain / Dislocation injuries in Women than a bad day at the driving range
    And they’re the ugliest things in the laundry basket
    and not that I’d know, but I suspect they’re a leading passion killer

    You know this is the same as the reusing water bottle carry on Brudder B was at last week
    Ye’re all just inventing shy____ now

    The Frillier the Better lads

  2. Paulus

    ‘er indoors went for a bra fitting years (and years) ago.
    Always reckoned it was one of the most beneficial services she ever availed of.

    Of course once I realised there was such an occupation, I tendered a revised CV to several stores but never heard back from them :(
    Seems they discriminate against men?

  3. Captain Pants

    A good policy is to never read any article that begins with the words “We need to talk about…”

  4. eoin

    If I have ever said the €700,000 of taxpayer funding we give each year to the National Women’s Council of Ireland (90%+ of their total income) is a complete and total waste, or that their director Ellen O’Malley Dunlop is a total waste of space, then the above tweet has utterly changed my mind. Give them more of our money, I say and maybe buy Ellen a comfier swivel arm-chair.

    Also, thongs? What were men thinking of at all, the bowzies.

  5. millie vanilly strikes again

    Having little to no boobage to speak of, I don’t think I can really comment except to say:

    That feeling when you take your bra off after a particularly long day is truly wonderful. Better than a nice glass of red and a good feed.

    1. V

      True that Mill
      But – and tis all ahead of ya girl
      That day will come when you have your special the bra is off moment
      only to realise that you’ve grown into Anne Widdecombe

      and that special moment is gone forever

  6. Clampers Outside

    The idea that women wearing a wrong bra or bad fitting one is somehow the men’s fault is ridiculously funny, in fairness.

    Men would have absolutely no problem if women stopped wearing bras altogether.

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