Behold: the Untitled Zero XP – a revamp of the high performance 82kW Zero SR/F electric motorcycle by UK bike modifier Untitled.

Recreated as a ‘vision of the future of motorcycles’, the seat shell, nose, bellypan, and fork brackets have all been replaced by custom 6061 aluminium and polymer panels with a ’ghost grey’ paint job enhancing its moody, futuristic élan as you accelerate Tron-like from 0 to 200km/h without changing gears. But only in your mind.

Price: tbc.


3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. martco

    “102v, 900A electric motor with clutchless direct drive”

    mmm. exciting. like food processor exciting. whirrrrrr.

    1. Pat

      It’s the future though Marty. In a few decades time, petrol/oil burning bikes and cars will be expensive old dinosaurs – mainly second hand and even more heavily taxed than now

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