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  1. paul

    That’s Macroom, there’s probably an Opel Astra nearby to take care of that menace with a bit of fire.

        1. V

          Don’t be a willy all your life ffs

          How would anyone know that was Macroom from those pics

          County Cork is a big place

          Shur it could easily be Mallow or Kanturk or Midleton or Youghal or Skib or Bantry or Crosshaven or Mitchelstown or Blarney or Coachford or Dunmanway or Kinsale or Newtownshandrum or even Newmarket, want more?

          Give over

          1. V

            And do you know what
            there are town Halls like that all over the Country

            You’d swear we all go through Macroom as a matter of course

          2. Mr.Fart

            haha massive overreaction. i couldn’t give a rats hole what mistakes happen or not. it really doesn’t matter. Bodger makes at least one daily, and that to me, yes, is funny. i wasn’t angry about it, or attacking him, like you are to me, i was laughin about it. coz its gas. you’d do well to take a lighter look at life. typical BMW driver ;0)

          3. Eod

            Everyone in that part of the country has to go through Macroom as a matter of course because the bypass hasn’t happened yet. Hundreds of Thousands know that Town Hall as they’ve had to wait for ages around there as traffic comes to a standstill.

  2. Paulus

    Seems the (rebel) spider hasn’t featured much in this thread eh?

    Thread; jeez I’m doin’ it without even thinking about it!

      1. some old queen

        You obviously live in certain parts of South Dublin.

        Avoca do lovely salads- can I post links yet?

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