Crossing The Dunes


Behold: the Holmsland Dune House, designed by Studio Viktor Sørless: perched on an isolated stretch of the Danish coast: an elevated, formed concrete cruciform, each wing of which points in one of the four cardinal directions.

Inspired by the 2010 Roman Polanski film ‘The Ghost Writer’, the combined effect of the changing light and the building’s extensive glazing is designed to create cinematic panoramas of the windswept coast as requested by the owner, an “absolute cineaste”.


13 thoughts on “Crossing The Dunes

  1. eoin

    If that was in Ireland, I’d be wondering how much was in the brown envelopes to the FF or FG councillor on the local zoning/planning committee.

  2. Medium Sized C

    Thats one of those gaffs where the architect says it “integrates with its surroundings” and “it brings the outside in” and yet the opposite is true.

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