Iveagh Market at its opening (top) in 1907 and today (above)

Temple Bar hotelier and publican Martin Keane secured planning permission in 2007 to redevelop the Edwardian market in the Liberties, following a long-term lease deal agreed with the council in 1997. That permission expired in 2017. However, Mr Keane said he will be in a position to submit a fresh application for a €100 million development of the market and surrounding area within the next two months.


Iveagh Markets ‘unsafe’ and in ‘advanced state of dereliction (Irish Times)

Top pic via Stephen Coyne

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18 thoughts on “Poison Iveagh

    1. george

      Why would Google want to spend €13m restoring a Victorian Market then a lot more adapting is as office space within the restrictions of a listed building?

        1. $hifty

          Google and a lot of the big dogs tend not to outright purchase these properties, but rather sign long leases with break clauses. This inures them against 1) falling property prices and 2) being handcuffed to a location because they’ve invested €20 million on a property. They can just up sticks and move somewhere else if the economic climate dictates it, without taking a huge financial hit.

  1. Col

    It’s a real shame.
    It’s a greater shame that this continues to happen with no repercussions for the perpetrators.

    1. Clampers Outside


      The developer is acting more like, and way worse tha any scumbag who defaces a building…. and for that, I think it fitting, to call the developer a complete and utter scumbag.

  2. eoin

    It would be interesting to see the 500-year lease between Dublin City Council and Martin Keane (hotelier, property investor and purveyor of the most expensive pint in Dublin at the Oliver St John Gogarty pub in Temple Bar, the yellow-painted one with all the flags beside Tesco).

    The lease surely obliged Martin to maintain the historic property and surely now, Dublin City Council can repudiate the lease and seize the property?

  3. Panty Christ

    Location might be of interest to a venture capitalist had it not been allowed to go into such a bad state. Could apply the usual template to it like the Time Out franchise and make zillions off silly tourists hungry for a taste of Irish nouveau cuisine such as boxes of Asian noodles, fatty beef patties on brioche buns, chicken wings and €8 pints of Guinness

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    He should be charged with criminal damage and made return the building to a safe state as a condition of any planning permission. Letting it fall into ruin over 20 years to build more shiddy apartments is criminal.

  5. Otis Blue

    Here’s a picture of Martin Keane looking very determined.


    How about DCC using powers entrusted to it


    The ever useful Citizens Information resource shines a light on the powers and fines available to address urban dereliction.


    Anyone know if DCC are collecting a levy on the site?

  6. Mr.Fart

    he didnt just forget about it, or get pre-occupied with something else .. he purposely has let it go to ruin, so that it will get beyond repair, then he won’t have to keep the original features and will just plow down the lot and make a big manky hotel etc.

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