‘Investment Opportunity’


Grotto Avenue, Booterstown, South Co. Dublin – for €59,000

Daft.ie advertisement sez:

Castle Estate Agents Powered by Keller Williams present this Investment opportunity close to the Booterstown train station. 29 sq meter private garage for sale at Grotto Avenue. Property Reference :1181-371

Ah here.

Grotto Avenue, Booterstown, South Co. Dublin – €59,000 (Daft.ie)

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15 thoughts on “‘Investment Opportunity’

  1. Panty Christ

    In fact, that’s a bargain. Apply for planning change of use, construct a studio living space. Deck it out from ikea. Yield potential €2k a month or €1k a week on air B and B

    1. postmanpat

      1: Apply for planning, 2:get refused due to multiple objections from your new snooty Booterstown neighbours, (including the fella who sold you the shed). 3: Deck it out from Ikea 4:Cry

      1. Termagant

        Don’t apply for planning
        Just do it anyway
        Laws and regulations are for saps
        Proceed to gouge

        1. postmanpat

          Fine, if you don’t get snitched on half way through. And you know some Bootertown-ian will get fed up with the building noise and call someone. , land has been sold like that before and its a good deal. IF the owner already had 5 year planning permission in place before selling, then 60k is alright for 29 square meters. BUT, A; there’s no planning permission, B: its not likely to gain permission otherwise the seller would have gotten it already so he already tried it and failed C: its not 29 square meters to begin with .and D: One would need to have the cash as a bank isn’t going to lend unless you can also borrow for the building cost and get the structure up before the permission period expires. So , hate to burst anyones bubble thinking they can get a bank to lend them 55k just because they have a 5k deposit saved.

  2. george

    That street is a joke. Barely room for two lanes and half the space is used for parking. This garage should be used as a garage and planning permission denied.

  3. scottser

    I was thinking more ya about sewage but you could just poo in a bucket and throw it straight into the sea, sure that’s what Irish water do in anyways

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