Ah here.

Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

A #TipOff for a ‘one bedroom own door flat’ offered by Colin O’Neill in Templeroan, €1,170pm Mon-Fri. I’ve narrowed down the street. I suspect there’s no window in the bedroom. The kitchen has a microwave while retaining the garage doors.


The property is no longer available.

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34 thoughts on “Garage Space

  1. eoin

    Dear Irish Times, I notice this 1-bed apartment was being offered for €1,170 a month. According to the RTB, the average for a 1-bed apartment in Knocklyon, Dublin 16 was €1,514.02. What steps can I now take to bring the rent up to a market rent.
    G. Reedy (BA)

  2. millie vanilly strikes again

    Congratulations caller, you are the lucky tenant of a glorified garage! That will be two thirds of your wages plus a two month deposit, you lucky so-and-so.

  3. Cian

    Quick “would you rather” question for y’all.

    Would you rather pay €1,170pm (Monday to Friday only) for this garage OR €1,300 for a co-living space – like the one planned in Dun Laoghaire – the ones with the gym, cinema, games room, laundry rooms – where you can even stay Friday night and Saturday night?

    1. Gord

      Would you rather eat dog poo, or horse poo?

      But… but…. I don’t want to eat poo.

      These are the choices, eat poo or starve

    2. millie vanilly strikes again

      I’d rather we had a government who invested in housing five years ago, when they knew this was a problem that wasn’t just going to go away.

      So, neither. And an utterly pointless exercise.

      1. BobbyJ

        You can always rely on Cian to come out batting for Richard “keep pulling for us” Barrett of Bartra Capital Developments

      2. Cian

        Me too. In fact, I wish we didn’t have a governments 30 years ago that stopped investing in public housing. And that all governments over the last 30 years had continued to invest in housing. But we didn’t.

    3. Janet, I ate my avatar

      would you rather get fupped with or without lube, you’re still getting fupped either way Cian so no thanks

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          ha I forgot to tell you it’s chilli lube,
          seriously tho not everyone thinks you have to go life getting fupped

  4. eoin

    Quick “would you rather” for y’all.

    Would you rather a ripped perineum or a catheter inserted in urethra?

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      That……. has just brought back some *really* painful and traumatic memories. Think I need to have a lie down

  5. Nullzero

    The fruits of a Fine Gael lead country.
    But hey, we’re hip and progressive, not just homeless and/or miserable.

    1. Pete Williams

      Just like San Francisco! Anyway it’s fine, the world will be uninhabitable in 5-10 years anyway. Thanks a bunch, Bolsonaro.

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